Visual Poet Experience 2020 details have gone live!

This year has been incredibly busy and eventful, and it’s continuing to be. Having said that one of the greatest privileges of what I do is to meet some of you in person. Some of the most lasting friendships I have developed over the years are with people I met on the Visual Poet Experience Workshops.

But that’s not the only reason why I cherish those workshops. Observing and watching how some of my students succeed and become known in the community for their stunning work is absolutely priceless to me. I am well aware that my workshops are not for everyone (this is definitely not a tour) but those who have taken them over the years know that we take photography seriously and passionately. Therefore, we study, discuss and challenge ourselves to produce the best work possible over the weekend. The workshop is packed with a rewarding educational program and hands-on shooting on the streets of the world’s cities.  

Regardless of the level of expertise, we take the whole weekend to make sure we produce stunning work and my students leave the workshop equipped with tools and ideas to grow THEIR OWN seeing and craft their own imagery.

After an amazing 2019, I am very happy to announce the cities for the Visual Poet Experience 2020. Of course, you can read more and see my students’ work and their testimonies on my new Visual Poet Experience website. 

I am looking forward to meeting you and crafting great imagery together in 2020.

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