Did I mention 120,000 sips of coffee?

Did I mention 120,000 sips of coffee?

It has been ten years. That is 3652 days, 7304 sunrises and sunsets. It’s been millions of heartbeats and breaths, thousands of kisses, touches, smiles, hugs and hellos. I have been able to take hundreds of trips and thousands of images. Did I mention 120,000 sips of coffee?

It has been ten years of many tender moments with my wife, bonding time with my son, quiet walks with my dog. I have enjoyed countless moments of solitude. Did I mention 120,000 sips of coffee?

It has been ten years of refreshing drops of falling rain, the gentle touch of the wind and warming rays of the sun. And those mountains. Standing among those giants of the Earth – what a privilege! Did I mention 120,000 sips of coffee?  

It has been ten years of excuses, blame and regrets all discarded in the black hole of the universe. Dreams are no longer put on the dusty shelves of life and forgotten. Dreams are embodied in every day and are no longer ordinary and unfulfilled. Did I mention 120,000 sips of coffee?

It has been ten years since you gifted me blank pages when there were no more left, and you filled my pot of ink when it was dry. You handed me the means to dream, create, write and fill the pages of my life once more. Did I mention 120,000 sips of coffee?

Thank you Madeleine.


P.S. Ten years ago I received a life-saving kidney transplant from Madeleine. On that very day I started drinking coffee 🙂



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R-A-I-N with the X-series

R-A-I-N with the X-series

It has been pouring rain, cold and windy – normal weather at this time of the year in Vancouver. Most years this kind of weather would keep us at home, but not this year. For the last twelve months we have been working on a project appropriately called R-A-I-N.

Unfortunately, a few years ago we made the mistake of getting an unusually adorable dog with an uncanny ability to manipulate his owners to pursue his own agenda. On one particularly rainy day our dog convinced me to go for a walk, which I naturally tried to resist. Well, as he had long ago broken down my power of resistance I found I had no choice but to put on my raincoat and venture out to the unfriendly outdoors.


It was on this very day that I noticed something rather strange. Despite the lack of sunshine and its usual powers of jollification, the heavy rain along with a very subtle, almost hidden light, provided quite stunning visuals. The scenes I observed got me intrigued and stimulated my seeing as never before. The next day I grabbed my camera and ventured into the cold, wet and windy world voluntarily, taking the dog too, of course.

This realization made me think. Most people know that Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And most tourists visit Vancouver during the sun-soaked summer months, unaware that the key element of the DNA of this place is R-A-I-N. It is not uncommon to have 20 consecutive days of rain. For those of us that live here, rain has become almost a daily reality. And this reality which, on the surface, could be ugly, grey and uncomfortable, provides some very special visuals. That is exactly what prompted me to start working on this project, helped by my dog.


Of course, taking photos in heavy rain has its challenges but I will write more about this “fun” part in one of our upcoming posts. I will also cover this project from the seeing/technical/preparations perspective on our new platform, which should be launched this year.

While most of the imagery shot for this project is in black and white, today I would like to share with you some imagery in colour. The entire project is being shot with the X-Pro2, XF 35mm F1.4, XF 23mm F2 and on occasion XF 50-140mm F2.8. The X-Pro2, as well as two of the lenses, are weather-sealed which is vital for this wet endeavour. And my dog has a raincoat too.

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