From the set of “Double Bill”

Shooting a movie involves many elements of photography. Composition, lighting and subject are the most common. I am privileged to be able to work with a team of talented individuals under the direction of Thomas Kampioni – independent screenwriter and director. Working on the set allows me to apply my photographic knowledge and contribute to [...]

Family trips – great photo opportunities?

Family trips – great photo opportunities?

If planned well, family trips could provide great opportunities for a dedicated photographer. While photography-centred trips are ideal, they require plenty of time and preparation. Such photo assignments also demand 100% dedication, which, at least in my case, is difficult to achieve when accompanied by family or friends. Maybe it is just me but my [...]

To colour or not to colour?

In the last few months I have noticed a flood of strongly de-saturated imagery on the Internet as if colour had suddenly fallen out of fashion. I have even heard an opinion that using strong colour is not professional. Part of the reason could be the rising popularity of HDR-like, oversaturated imagery, which indeed looks [...]

While writing with light you sometimes need the right ‘pigment’.

Without light there would be no photography. In fact, the word photography comes from two Greek words that mean “writing with light.” I am often asked how I get these colours. My short answer is: without the right light, no camera, lens or software would give me this type of strong, dramatic and powerful colours [...]