Happy New Year From Winter Wonderland

We would like to wish our friends, our readers and ourselves a healthy New Year full of photographic adventures.
May the New Year bring us great light, inspiring visions and stunning imagery. May we take fewer photos but do more photography.
Finally, we hope 2013 will bring simpler and photographer-centred cameras and tools.
Olaf & Kasia Sztaba

Each time I talk to my friends from Europe about snowless winters in Vancouver they cannot believe it. After all, this is wild white cold Canada, which many people (including myself before I moved here) knew from the National Geographic movies and publications.

While the special location makes it rare to experience full-fledged winter in Vancouver (except in the high mountains surrounding Vancouver) just one hour’s drive away you can find a true winter wonderland.

That is exactly what we wanted to capture when we woke up very early last week and drove nearly two hours north of Vancouver. While sometimes we come back from our photography trips with nothing (we don’t process dull images – that’s a waste of time!), this time we encountered perfect light. Snow-covered peaks were blanketed with blue, orange and purple clouds. Each time the rising sun found a gap in the clouds, the whole scene came alive once again in different colours and moods. 

Our tool of choice was the Fuji X-Pro1 with the XF 35mm F1.4 lens. All images were processed in Lightroom 4, sharpening in NIK Sharpener Pro.  

Here are some chosen images.

© osztaba_winter_20121230_DSCF9297-Edit

© osztaba_winter_20121230_DSCF9309-Edit

© osztaba_winter_20121230_DSCF9299-Edit

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© Kasia & Olaf Sztaba Photography.  All Rights Reserved.