Websites we visit daily:

Fujirumors – this is the website I make sure to check daily. For every Fuji photographer it is a must-visit place. Patrick works very hard every day (and nights due to time zones) to keep us updated and excited. Make sure you support his work and spread the news.

Scoop it/Fuji X – curated by Thomas Menk, a great photographer himself. Thomas has a unique ability to select great articles and photography from all over the web for our enjoyment. By visiting his website I know I will get the most important reviews, best photography and opinions without spending hours browsing the Internet. Bookmark his website, support it and you won’t be disappointed.

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Photographers (in alphabetical order):

Fan Ho – a gallery of the Hong Kong-based photographer. I must say this is the best body of work I have ever seen. You cannot find a weak photograph – every single one is a true masterpiece, including my favourite photograph ever – “Approaching Shadow” – this is exactly what photography is all about. 

Max Marinucci – a true master of black & white photography. Each time I visit his website I am in awe – truly exceptional work.

Patrick Laroque – a very talented Montreal-based photographer. He has a fantastic sense of seeing daily life and objects and using his skills to craft visual delights.

Thomas Menk – his European flair in the art of seeing makes you enjoy his photography like no other. Beautiful processing and presentation.

More to come… 


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  1. Olaf–I would like to license two of your photo’s for FB banners–landscape open road-B&W and lone man on open road–two that appeared on Steve Huff’s site..can you please let me know costs? It will be used for Raw Design Motorcycle light designs…you will know what I am up to when you look at their FB or web page.


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