Just get it! (Fujinon XF 14mm F2.8)

Since I sold my SLR gear and started shooting exclusively with X-series cameras I have started enjoying photography once again. I spend less time playing with menus and settings and focus instead on light and composition.

The biggest drawback of the system so far has been the lack of wide-angle lenses – my favourite perspective. But my problem has been solved. This weekend I picked up the latest Fuji lens – XF 14mm F2.8. What a lens it is!

I came from the pro-level Nikon and Canon gear and after one day of shooting, this lens has impressed me. In fact, after my initial assessment this is the best wide-angle lens I have ever shot with.

(To make it even more interesting, the very same day I borrowed a Nikon D800 with the AF-S 14-24mm 2.8 zoom lens and used it along with my Fuji X-Pro1 and XF 14mm F2.8. You will find the whole story of my “Camera Fever” episode in the next post. For now all I can say that the Nikon D800 and its super-heavy lens is back in a store).   

Having said that, I am not going to give a scientific review (I prefer to spend time photographing); instead I would like to share a few images I shot yesterday with this newest lens.

Please note that these are sample images without any distortion correction applied. Processed in Capture One 7 and Lightroom 4.

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0306 2-2

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0317

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0332

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0333

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0338

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0350

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0355

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0361

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0369

.. and some B&W images:

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0314-Edit

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0312-Edit-3

osztaba_Feb 02 2013_DSCF0341-Edit

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