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  1. Dear both. Sorry I asked question below in another older post, therefore I put it here again.

    Love your site and quality of your vision, I visit it on a daily base (pics from Portugal victory are amazing). Regarding the X-T2, or any other X-trans camera for that matter: could you please remind us of the camera settings you choose to manage most of your workflow mostly in jpeg? I thought I already read it somewhere here, but couldn’t find it. Not only sharpness and saturation for example, but also how you manage color space when you’re on jpeg?

    Long story: I enjoyed RAW for years but had enough with sluggish LR performance, would like to rely mainly on jpeg (Acros and Classic Chrome probably). But some settings choice paralyze me, for instance space color (I don’t want to ruin my chances of a good print) and the sharpness also. Looking forward to read from your experience, thanks!

    1. Eric,

      It is great to hear from you. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      We shoot both JPEGs and RAW. While working with JPEGs we usually use Classic Chrome (CC), ACROS (A) or Velvia (V) film simulations. Here are our usual settings (they may slightly differ depends on numerous factors such as lighting, subject etc)

      Saturation: 0
      Sharpening: +1
      Shadows: +2 or +3
      Highlights: +1 for ACROS, -1 for V or CC.

      If you shoot JPEGs you don’t have to worry about colour space. It will print great.

      Please note that later this month we will be launching a new subscription based service dealing with photography, settings, travel etc. Make sure to check this space for more info.
      All the best,


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