Is the X-Pro2 for the heart and the X-T2 for the head?

Since we have already taken a dive into the dangerous world of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), let’s beat ourselves up for one more post. I promise the next time we will return to the normal and important subjects (in fact later this month we will be leaving for a super road-trip across many states and provinces all the way to Winnipeg to complete a super important and personal project).

Along with the release of the brand new Fujiflm X-T2, as is usual in such a case, vigorous online discussions have been taking place about whether to upgrade or not and whether the X-T2 is preferable to the X-Pro2 or not, etc. As someone who has shot with both the X-Pro2 and the X-T2 I formed my own opinion on the subject.

However, I am well aware that providing a definitive answer to this question is impossible due to the fact that we all differ, not only in the way we see or interact with the camera, have different sensitivity to the aesthetics of our surroundings but also in our emotions and experiences.

Rational people could take a look at the specification list, what each camera can do, what it cannot do, prices, etc. and conclude that there is no contest: the X-T2 is newer, it has faster AF, a great, brand-new grip, shoots 4K and is cheaper than the X-Pro2 – therefore it is a better camera. Indeed, that could be the case but with one proviso: it is better for YOU.

In our highly opinionated review (or rather rant) of the X-T2 we said that the X-Pro2 and the X-T2 have become flagships of the X-series – but they are different cameras. After using both I know that for my way of seeing and working, I prefer the X-Pro2. Interestingly enough, Kasia, my partner in crime, prefers the X-T2. Our problem is to explain clearly and logically why.

I have been thinking about it for a while and yesterday I came across a fascinating piece by one of my favourite X-photographers, Patrick LaRogue, titled, “On Flagships: X-T2 and X-Pro2.” In his piece he quotes a friend from Tokyo who said, “The X-Pros are for the heart, the XTs are for the head.” Immediately a light bulb lit up over my head. Eureka! That is the answer I was looking for! Is it a bit far fetched? Yes! Is it irrational? Yes! Do I care? No!

Confused? You should be.

Here is the imagery shot with a pre-production Fujifilm X-T2, XF 35mm F2, ACROS (A) and Classic Chrome (CC) film simulations.

















…and truly yours at work


2016 © Kasia & Olaf Sztaba Photography. All rights reserved.

25 thoughts on “Is the X-Pro2 for the heart and the X-T2 for the head?

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  2. Today, I traveled by ferry. The weather was perfect, and many people sat on the top deck enjoying the afternoon and early evening sun. I saw a woman standing behind a man with her arms around her. He had such a beautiful smile. My heart told me to flip the screen on my X-T1 and angle the XF90 slightly up from the table. A few minutes later, I handed him a print. Their reaction was heart warming.

    … just sharing some more thoughts on cameras and hearts 🙂

  3. Regarding the heart vs, head issue, I arrived at a solution that works for me. I ordered the X-T2 for my head, which aches after reading so many reviews and tech notes disguised as reviews. The X-T2 will also go a little heartword in the sense of taking pinhole photographs.

    Rather than purchasing an X-Pro2 for my heart I purchased a camera with no rangefinder, no exposure meter, no interchangeable lens capability, no automatic film advance, not even a basic etc. – a decades old 24 x 24mm Taxona.

    For me it’s an ideal combination. FWIW.

  4. Love your work and this new story about you and you life benefactor in Winnipeg is stunning
    Amazing images and very heartfelt story combined with the images produces a profound photo document This should be an exhibition and book
    Funny aside is I just arrived in Winnipeg from Washington DC and noticed some of the car / convertible action Sunday afternoon
    Keep up the great work , your blog with your ideas and images are truly inspiring. Thank you Neil

  5. Thank you for this post. I asked myself the very same question but in my HEART I know the x-pro2 is for me. Ever since I started using the x100t, abandoning my D800, I fell in love with photography again, got my passion and drive for taking pictures back. I never thought much of rangefinder style cameras but for some reason it seems it’s doing something to me that works for my creativity. In the past I would have always wanted to have the fastest and best model out there and although the x-t2 has seemingly much more to offer I just need to be honest with myself. I like that the x-pro2 is “thick as a brick” and has no articulated screen .. almost as much as that the new D500 has no integrated pop up flash. 🙂

    1. I’ve only had the X-Pro2 for a couple of days and I too feel that my “heart” may win out for the X-Pro2 vs. the X-T2 I have on order. I hate to be fickle. I probably will take delivery of the X-T2, but the X-Pro2 is going to stay in my camera bag. It just resonates with my past B&W film days. I think it is going to inspire me to get of my duff and go shoot pics.

  6. This is the best non-technical camera vs. camera I’ve read regarding these two cameras. I’ve got the XT-2 on order but my finger is lingering over the X-Pro2 order button on Amazon. I’ve recently sold all my Sony A6000 equipment and and used an XT-10 in San Francisco and Napa, CA. I was amazed at what the Fujifilm cameras can do. It brought me back to the old days of film cameras. The only Fujifilm cameras I’ve owned previously was the X-20 and the X-30. Nice cameras but challenged in low light.

    I may sell my XT-10 and add the X-Pro2 to my camera bag. Then decide if I should cancel the XT-2 order. No business carries Fujifilm cameras in my area, or at least none are in stock.

  7. Hi both. Love your site, visit it on a daily base (pics from Portugal victory are amazing). Regarding this X-T2, could you please remind us of the camera settings you choose to manage most of your workflow mostly in jpeg? I thought I already read it somewhere here, but couldn’t find it.

    Long story: I enjoyed RAW for years but had enough with sluggish LR performance, would like to rely mainly on jpeg (Acros and Classic Chrome probably). But some settings choice paralyze me, for instance space color (I don’t want to ruin my chances of a good print) and the sharpness also. Thanks!

  8. as always I enjoy your posts. For me it’s the xp2. I had been using a ff nikon but really wanted the viewfinder from my x-100. The xp2 focuses as quickly as my previous camera, is a bit better in low light but most of all it’s that hybrid finder. It adds an entire additional element to my shooting and to my images.

  9. This is all a bit silly. For some types of photography, there’s a coldly pragmatic need for the blackout-free view that only an optical finder provides. This makes the choice of the X-Pro 2 purely a “head” decision. On the other hand, if you absolutely have to shoot 4K video with a Fuji camera, the X-T 2 is the pragmatic choice. Beyond that, it’s all personal whims.

    1. JL Williams,

      You are right, this is a bit silly. But hey, sometimes we all need to take a break from specification sheets and cold calculations.
      HEAD OR HEART – we need them both to function.

      Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts. We appreciate it.



  10. GAS has taken over also in the Fuji World.
    The first Fuji X-Pro1 was for sale 2012. Remember…only 4 years.

    I now use 2 Fuji X-Pro1´s. One body with 18mm and the second body with 35mm.
    If I only bring one body I use the 18-55mm.

    My X-T1 I use with 14mm-90mm and 55-200mm.

    I think and surely hope I use my Head and Heart with both camera´s.

    Update … No. I can´t see why my Pictures would be better.

    I´m thinking WHAT is the goal – We get more and more sofisticated camera´s .
    Faster and Higher is that waht we are aiming for – also in Photography?

    Close Your eyes and press the shutter 24 hours a day. With some luck You might get a Picture.

    The funny thing this is that people want the best and most corretc Colours delivered from the Camera
    and then try to make the Picture look older and with incorrect Colours.
    It must be nostalgia.


    1. Kjeld,

      You are right – too much GAS!

      We enjoyed reading your note. You raised so many important points. Thank you for that.

      All the best,


    1. the same as Kasia. Keep in mind that the “head” category usually wins in real life! Most importantly, we all should have a good time playing this head/heart game. It is always great to hear from you.

    2. I agree with you about tripod work, but there is another reason. When my neck and back demanded a switch from Canon, my 80th birthday was just a couple years away so I gave them Fuji. But I like low-level shots (think flowers and just different points of view). When I was younger lying on my belly in the mud to get the shot was fine. Now with 80 almost here, it’s just plain dirty. The XT-x’s tilting screen solves that. Head or heart? Don’t know, don’t care.

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