Amsterdam – Creative Street Photography Workshop

On September 27-29th, 2019, alongside Tomasz Trzebiatowski of the Fujilove Magazine, I will be leading my last European workshop this year. This is going to be a very special event when Tomasz and I will share our approach to seeing and crafting great imagery.

Tomasz, a founder and an editor-in-chief of the Fujilove Magazine is a great friend of mine and a fantastic photographer. We spend a lot of time discussing all aspects of image creation: inspiration, seeing and developing skills to craft visuals true to ourselves. We will share our philosophy, techniques and methods with you and have a great conversation. Most importantly, we will be shooting together on the streets of Amsterdam with some classroom time for image evaluation and an honest, image-centered exchange of ideas. 

This workshop is planned as a one-time event and due to our busy schedules, we are unlikely to repeat this event in the future. So if you are serious about photography and crafting great imagery make sure to grab the last three spots available. Tomasz and I are looking forward to shooting with you.

Please message or email me or Tomasz directly for more information and instructions on how to sign up. Below please find some imagery taken during past workshops. 

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6 thoughts on “Amsterdam – Creative Street Photography Workshop

    1. Eelco,

      The workshop filled up very quickly so we haven’t created any website for it. We have one cancellation so if you are interested please provide me with your email address and I will send you more info. This is my the last workshop in Europe this year so it would be lovely to meet.

      Please let me know and I will send you some info right away.



  1. Olaf, your work is amazing!!! Your eyes & mind are in the exact moment & place to take the image. I enjoy very much your youtubes.
    May i ask you some about your technique?
    i’m buying an x100f, amateure wich many (many …62yo) years painting (now abstract) and taking photos half and half. I come frome de films cameras years (Canon A1 / F1) and i’ll apreciate if could guide me with yours customs settings.
    thank s four share your work with us.
    Norberto Gonzi

    1. Hello Norberto,

      Thank you so much for your kind note. I will try to share those settings with my readers in one of the upcoming posts.

      Thank you for visiting.


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