When going through my imagery I realized that I am seriously behind in sharing my work with you. It is especially true for photographs from our recent trip to Australia where I led the Visual Poet Workshop.

When I travel to teach it is usually very satisfying but a difficult ordeal. There is not much time to rest or visit the place properly as you would do on a typical vacation. I take photography and teaching very seriously and most of my time is dedicated to preparation, administrative work and visual customisation with the place.

Having said that, our trip to Australia was different. We wanted to make it different. After the workshop, Kasia and I rented a car and just drove across part of this vast and beautiful country. It reminded us of our road trips across North America which we enjoyed so much and dearly miss (we’ll be hitting the road again soon). There is something about the idea of the open road and being alone in the vastness of the land. As the countryside slowly passes by the window, you breathe deeply and absorb every inch of it. Unlike travelling by plane, you feel connected to the land, you see how the landscape changes, you feel free and alive. It is difficult to describe such feelings but this road trip proved to be something very special.

Ironically, I don’t have many pictures from the road trip as the atmosphere and allure of this land put us in an unusual and contemplative mood. Regardless, let me share with you a few images from the trip. 

Next time I will continue with my coverage of our Australian adventure from an urban perspective in Melbourne and Sydney where I shot most of my work. 

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  1. Great stuff, as always.

    Also, many thanks to Kasia. Surely she has the hardest job — it really can’t be easy shepherding Olaf and his wandering students. I recommend Olaf give her a substantial raise …

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