Krakow with the Fujifilm X100F

When we landed in Krakow my heart started beating slightly faster. I hadn’t visited this city of kings for ten years but it wasn’t the time gap that made me excited, it’s because  I was born there.

It’s a charming city. As hungry as I was to capture Krakow in my frame, it turned out that I hadn’t much time to do it the way I wanted. First, the weather was not cooperating, with R-A-I-N and cold giving us excuses to explore beautiful cosy historic coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants. Second, after a great workshop in Barcelona and an intense few photographic days in London, my wife Kasia and I decided to do relax and do some romancing. What better place to do it than Krakow!

But Olaf wouldn’t be olafphoto without taking time out for a few hours of photography. One day, along with my friend Jurek, we wandered around Krakow and captured some imagery. Kasia was even able to shoot some video footage, which you will find at the bottom of this page.

Gear-wise, for most of the trip I was shooting exclusively with the small, light and super capable X100F. It felt and looked as though I was one of those tourists with a tiny little snap-happy camera and that’s exactly how I like it, to get into the creative mood. I will write more about it in one of the upcoming posts but today I just want to leave you with the imagery.



P.S. This March I will be leading a workshop in Berlin. There are two spots up for grabs. They won’t last long.



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  1. great advice, I have a very old 58mm Russian reanoc 44-2 manual focus this makes you work at making images

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