Tree of Life

It is strange and mysterious – as she said. Just an hour ago, I was eating my breakfast and chatting with a local waitress when she mentioned this special place I had never heard of. When she whispered, “tree of life,” her eyes lit up as if she was talking about something very sacred.

Now I am standing in front of it. What a remarkable sight! This majestic tree is living in the air, straddling two rocks as if it has a special power to sustain itself in this lonely place. I feel as if the tree is inviting me to enter its world, opening its twisted arms in a friendly gesture. As I approach it a bizarre, unexpected but welcome feeling of calm floods my body.

I feel I am under the influence of something much bigger than me. No longer is my brain spinning at unsustainable speeds but quite the opposite, it is calm in a good, nurtured way. Now is forever, as if yesterday and tomorrow never existed. I feel alive, contented and joyful. The tree of life. Yes, indeed.


Shot with the Fujifilm GFX50S.



2017 © Olafphoto. All rights reserved.


7 thoughts on “Tree of Life

    • Luis,

      This is an ancient secret I would note dare to share….just kidding.

      The aforementioned story is true…a local woman pointed me to the tree…on the Oregon Coast near the Kalaloch Beach and Campground.

      All the best,


      • Aha – found it! I’ve been in that area several times camping. Wish I’d known about the tree; I would have looked for it. BTW, I believe it’s in Washington state, Olympic National Park.
        Thanks for the images.

  1. I love these photos Olaf! They are full of meaning and full of life! I feel that I am there with you. I especially love the first picture and the black and white adds a special dimension to all your pictures! Amazing work as you always create spectacular and unique photos…ART at its best!

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