Tree of Life

It is strange and mysterious – as she said. Just an hour ago, I was eating my breakfast and chatting with a local waitress when she mentioned this special place I had never heard of. When she whispered, “tree of life,” her eyes lit up as if she was talking about something very sacred.

Now I am standing in front of it. What a remarkable sight! This majestic tree is living in the air, straddling two rocks as if it has a special power to sustain itself in this lonely place. I feel as if the tree is inviting me to enter its world, opening its twisted arms in a friendly gesture. As I approach it a bizarre, unexpected but welcome feeling of calm floods my body.

I feel I am under the influence of something much bigger than me. No longer is my brain spinning at unsustainable speeds but quite the opposite, it is calm in a good, nurtured way. Now is forever, as if yesterday and tomorrow never existed. I feel alive, contented and joyful. The tree of life. Yes, indeed.


Shot with the Fujifilm GFX50S.



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8 thoughts on “Tree of Life

    1. Luis,

      This is an ancient secret I would note dare to share….just kidding.

      The aforementioned story is true…a local woman pointed me to the tree…on the Oregon Coast near the Kalaloch Beach and Campground.

      All the best,


      1. Aha – found it! I’ve been in that area several times camping. Wish I’d known about the tree; I would have looked for it. BTW, I believe it’s in Washington state, Olympic National Park.
        Thanks for the images.

  1. I love these photos Olaf! They are full of meaning and full of life! I feel that I am there with you. I especially love the first picture and the black and white adds a special dimension to all your pictures! Amazing work as you always create spectacular and unique photos…ART at its best!

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