GFX Stipulations (Part 1)

The new medium-format (MF) GFX system was released quite a while ago so there has already been excellent coverage of the camera, including in-depth reviews by talented photographers. Jonas Rask’s review is the one that stood out for me.

Since I am late to the party I am not going to write another review. I don’t think we need one. The prime reason for trying out this new medium-format system was to work with this camera and decide whether it would suit my own “seeing.”

Therefore, this blog is me thinking out loud as I shoot, experience and evaluate the GFX system. Don’t expect objective, measured and technical evaluation – you won’t find it here. I’m trying to answer one question: Does the GFX system make sense for olafphoto? Should it replace the X-Pro2 plus XF lenses? (the X100F would remain my prime, always-with-me camera).  

First, let me make a confession! I have always dreamt about shooting with a medium-format camera but the reasoning behind this fetish is not what you think. I was never interested in MF’s resolution or its pixel quality. In fact, the more I photograph, the less I’m interested in these topics. I was fascinated by its rendering of shadows and highlights – the flawless, tranquil transition between them. Patrick LaRoque used terms such as “fluidity” and “stillness.” In one of his blog posts he said, “It’s like there’s a hush that covers these images.” I couldn’t explain it better.

Then there is another element to this stipulation – a highly personal one. Don Craig, a friend and thought-provoking photographer from Victoria, put it eloquently in his latest blog post. He asked, “Will this new tool help make me a more articulate photographer?” When reading his must-read piece, the word “articulate” jumped out at me and stopped me in my tracks. The concept of “articulate photographer” itself deserves in-depth consideration and discussion (which is coming!).

In sum, I will be sharing with you my personal feelings, observations and conclusions about the GFX system as I shoot in different scenarios. I will share my thoughts about whether this camera would fit my seeing. I don’t know yet.

Last weekend I visited the capital of British Columbia, Victoria, and was hosted by Don Craig, who showed me his incredibly interesting line of work (yes, there will be an entire post dedicated to Don), and by Sally Jennings of, my friend, editor and psychologist 🙂  Over the weekend, we had a few photoshoots with amazing artists and photographed the historic Craigdarroch Castle (no, it is not Don Craig’s castle!).

Below please find a few teaser images from this weekend. There will be much more to come after we return from our next trip south.

Here is the one and only Don Craig at work. Imagine having (almost) the entire Parliament Building as your “office” or photographing the Royal Family on the go. How cool is that?

Sally, among her beloved books!

We had a mini-photo session with Stephen of stagewinebar in Fernwood. Make sure to visit when on the Island.

Finally, we had the chance to photograph Kyla of Her hand-made books for kids are one-of-a-kind. They are so beautifully made I bought one for my nephew.

And of course, here are some visuals at Craigdarroch castle – all shot with the Fujifilm GFX and GF 120 F4 lens. 

Thank you Moira Dann and your husband Sam for guiding us around the castle. 


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  1. Olaf, interesting and different thoughts. Lovely portraits and pictures from the castle. A bit different, and I really like that.

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