Becoming Lawless with the X-Pro2

Before you reach the community of Bridesville, just east of Osoyoos, you drive by one of the most iconic landscapes in British Columbia, the Lawless Ranch.  

Historic sources report that the Tedrow family from Kansas homesteaded the ranch and then sold it to William Lucien from Quebec. William eventually built a house, known today as the Lawless House, around 1902.

Kasia and I had explored this fascinating place before but we always knew we would come back and we wanted to do that as soon as possible. After many years of photographing historic buildings, abandoned farms and ghost towns we learnt that many of the places vanish with time just before our eyes.

Fortunately, upon arrival we noticed that the only damage to the house was the porch awning. We showed up at the location just before sunrise and we were pleased that there was some snow on the ground. Most places benefit greatly from white powder, as it simplifies the landscape and leaves you with only essential lines.

This was exactly the case with the Lawless Ranch. With snow covering the ground around the house, the lines of the Lawless House and adjacent elements were on full display. It was just a matter of arranging those elements in a way that would create a beautiful whole.

We worked with the X-Pro2, the XF 14mm F2.8, XF 35mm F1.4 and XF 50-140mm F2.8 lenses.           

We have much more material to share with you from some fascinating places; also extensive shooting with the X-Pro2. We will share more thoughts about this camera in our upcoming posts.

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