Babblings About Fuji X-Pro2

Given that our last post took on the Internet obsession with technical issues, I thought writing about a camera that is still in development would be odd, to say the least. Our intentions are not to start another discussion about the superiority of one camera over the other but rather to share our personal thoughts about the rumoured specifications of the highly anticipated Fuji X-Pro2.

Patrick of has been working very hard to provide us with the latest bits of information about future X-series cameras and our preliminary thoughts are based on the rumours shared by his sources.

First of all, we are pure photographers and we cherish simple cameras with direct controls (knobs!). Despite some early quirks, we enjoy shooting with the X-series cameras (especially the Fuji X100/S/T). We have worked with the Fuji X-Pro1 extensively and in general we like the design. Rumoured specifications point to the following:

  • Improved 24MP X-Trans Sensor – great but it doesn’t really matter for us – the current 16MP count is enough for our needs. Much more important is low-light performance and improved processing.
  • Dual SD card slot – it’s very important! We go a long way to capture some images and the thought that we have only one card slot (therefore no backup) in our cameras makes us shiver.
  • Tilt screen – don’t really care.
  • Video (4k or not) – we don’t know anyone who shoots with the X-series cameras (and we do know many) who would care about or need video. We certainly don’t need it and we don’t want it. The simpler the camera the better – we want fewer menus, fewer buttons and fewer features. We like the Leica philosophy here – I wish Fuji would refrain from adding features that are not related directly to photography.
  • Weather sealing – yes please – we shoot in the rain and in snowy conditions.
  • Size and mechanics – we like the size of the Fuji X-Pro1, its external controls and general feel. No revolution needed here.
  • EVF – this is crucial – we would like to see the largest and the best electronic viewfinder possible.
  • Improved AF – we usually do “slow photography.” However, we wouldn’t mind faster AF.  
  • Battery – needs improvement, especially more accurate information about usage.       

That’s all for now about Fuji X-Pro2.

One more thing! Fuji, please keep improving the X-series line and forget full frame (it is so crowded in that field). However, PLEASE BRING US A MEDIUM FORMAT RANGEFINDER CAMERA and three HIGH-QUALITY prime lenses. We will be the first ones in line.

Enough is enough. It is time for photography. Here are the images we took during our recent trip along British Columbia’s Highway 97c. The Highland Valley Copper mine – one of the world’s largest open-pit mines – and the area around it, offer truly stunning scenery. A passing winter storm arrived right on time as we started shooting with the Fuji X-100S and Fuji X-T1 coupled with the XF 56mm F1.2.











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27 thoughts on “Babblings About Fuji X-Pro2

  1. Hi Olaf! Just happened upon your blog and like what I’m reading! I’m a big Fuji X100T fan, having switched from my Ricoh GR Digital 4 last year when I was in Tokyo. Bought the camera just weeks after its release in Japan, along with all the accessories. I first want to comment on your photos above from your trip to the copper mines in Canada. Beautiful! I like to shoot in RAW/JPG, with the camera film set to BW. I find composing in BW so fun and interesting! Did you use a plug-in to further enhance the images above? If so, would you recommend one to me? I am interested in trying that…I am very much an amateur in Lightroom, and have to explore its full potential with buying these plug-ins. Thank you for any advice / recommendation you would provide. Also, I am a pure photographer like you guys. I would add to your list of improvements to the future X100 series, or its successor, to have a version available that doesn’t have the LCD back. I would be very happy only using the EVF! Thank you so much for your time reading my post. I will be following your blog from now on! 🙂

  2. “We like the Leica philosophy here – I wish Fuji would refrain from adding features that are not related directly to photography.”

    The Leica M typ 240 offers 1080p video. The Leica S typ 007 offers 4k video. The Leica philosophy seems to be that in today’s photography, videography is indeed a related feature. What I appreciate is that their philosophy is also that adding video should not compromise the photographic utility of the camera for stills.

    I wonder how many of the X photographers you know are using the system for reportage and/or documentary work? As that is my primary interest, I am very interested in seeing Fuji offer quality video on an X camera, and I think they have a real opportunity to do it more thoughtfully and smartly than any other camera maker has done it. I hope that they will rise to the challenge and seize that opportunity.

    I also love the tilt screen on my X-T1. I didn’t think that I would find much use for it, but I quickly realized that it makes shots possible that would otherwise be very difficult to get in changing circumstances with human subjects. If my X100T had one, I’d still be using the viewfinder 80% of the time, but the tilt screen would come out for shooting very low or very high. I can see how it’s not really relevant to the slow, considered landscape work you prefer to do, but for how I want to use the camera it makes a lot of sense.

    I can’t agree enough about better accuracy in the battery reporting and about weather sealing, though. Those are high on my wish list. I’m also right there with you on the medium format rangefinder – a digital Mamiya 6 is one of my dream cameras.

    Love the photos, especially the one of the 3 horses with the tiered ridgeline behind them. The geometry of that shot is magnificent, almost otherworldly.

    1. Jonathan,

      Thank you for your interesting thoughts. There is no question that video is important to some photographers. I just wish that Fuji would offer a “pure” photographer’s camera stripped of everything not related to photography. I guess, having two different models would solve this issue.

      All the best,


  3. I’ve come to a point where I don’t care anymore if there is an X-Pro2 or not. I half expect the X-Pro1 will live on in a way similar to the Epson R-D1. While, I have several X-Pro1 cameras and an X100, they serve me as well today as they did when I bought them new.

    Everytime I read an improvement wish list, we all know as soon as some or all are implemented, will someone complain they don’t like, want or need those changes before coming up with their own updates wish list. It’s a never ending cycle.

  4. “That’s all for now about Fuji X-Pro2”.

    It’s funny how superficially you watched on needed X-Pro2 improvements, just from yoursefl point of view. If it got only these improvements you listed, I would rather go for coming high end Sony A7000 or for A7II.

    Here there are rest very improtant changes X-Pro2 needs:

    • Bigger and improved VF
    • -3EV focusing (at least -2EV) for low light AF shootong (not only “faster AF”)
    • All PDAF points + fast manual AF point selection
    • Much improved AF-C + 8 fps at least
    • Big dedicated Back-AF button placed near thumb (very important)
    • Better placed and AE lock button
    • Improved DR (now it’s not impresive)
    • Not cheated ISO
    • All buttons customable allowing to asign any feature
    • 1/250s X-Sync
    • +/- 1/3s braketing
    • Tilt LCD (for low/high level shooting)
    • Add NR setting to OFF
    • Allow stupid “Blur Warning” mark turn OFF
    • Fix this bug: each time the playback buton is pressed, lens is activating (“parking”)

    It also wold be nice if X-Pro2 could save RAWs in TIFF format in camera RAW converter (why only to poor 8-bit JPEG?).
    I would prefer a little smaler body, X-Pro1 is a little too big for me.

    1. What I am most affraid of XPro2 which has X-Trans I, is the sensor that will be changed to X-Trans II or III which is different and I do not like it. This is the biggest unknown side of new XPro2 that is most important for me and will decide if to buy it or not. But I agree with your list of improvements XPro2 should get – it can not be for slow photography only, like landscapes, but also for dynamic action shots. I would add a few more improvements that are a must for camera that has “Pro” in the name:

      – more Fn buttons – I wish to have them 4 with one at front
      – better and bigger grip
      – 2-3 customizable User settings (U1 / U2 / U3) with banks of your own camera settings – with switch placed on the top or at back body.
      – improved focus peaking and split image from X-T1 (they are good but not very precise)
      – sillent mode – it would be a very desirable camera for concert shooting

      I fully agree with need of dedicated back AF button placed close the thumb. This is a must for a Pro camera.

      1. George,

        All, very good points. I will write more about an urgent need for a new sensor in my next post.

        Thanks for sharing.


    2. Marcus,

      “It’s funny how superficially you watched……just from yourself point of view.” – of course, it is my point of view, after all! My article tackled the specification list rumoured by the Fujirumors ONLY, which was stated clearly in my piece.

      However, I appreciate your visit and thank you for sharing your wish list. I especially agree with the ideas of adding the TIFF format. That would definitely solve many problems.

      All the best,


      1. Olaf, don’t bother too much. Marcus and George are the same guy and he copy-and-pastes that list into nearly every comment thread. Oh, and did you know his brother’s D70 had 1/500th flash sync 8 years ago? So Fuji needs at least 1/1000th! 😉

        Nice pictures by the way!

      2. and od not bother with Jano who is very well known Fuji’s PR who criticizes and tries to ridicule people who point issues in Fuji cams and call Fuji for certain improvements. Unfortunately these blind fuji fanboys and Fuji’s PR with such comments and behaviour ruin the credibility of Fujifilm, and make so weird ludicrous statements. They make much more harm because you cannot build marketing on satirize someone’s opinion, and on fake testimonials. Jano is one them.

  5. Olaf,
    I’m really enjoying the 6th photograph: the horses set against the pattern in the background. It’s mesmerizing for me, and the sense of scale is imposing. Really effective composition.

    As for the XP2…
    I really enjoy my XP1. For what I shoot, and how I shot, it has been my most enjoyed camera. Of course this is in large part because of the total package – the camera and the Fuji lenses. The camera flows for me, and I rarely have to think about the tool and can instead focus on the frame. My one hope is that they don’t reduce the size. This has been mentioned in rumours. I like the size. Smaller and lighter than a DSLR, and not as cramped as many other cameras. I’m also happy with the existing resolution, but I’ll take more as long as they don’t mess with the quality and feel that means so much to me.

    As always, thanks for sharing.


  6. Fully agree with all that 🙂
    I am waiting for the X-Pro2, not for the extra resolution, but more in case they come up with even better dynamic range and EVF (no use of OVF, now that EVFs are so good). In the mean time, the X100s is a great little wizard.

    Unless a mirrorless medium format system with good primes shows up? imagine the siblings of the 14mm, 35mm and 56mm…

  7. Superb pics. I like so much few text and lots of illustrations 😉 I also love your philosophy X100/23 + XT1/56. Question: do you happen to use tripods or not at all? I don’t think so but maybe you’re also aiming at fine art prints.

    I love your b&w toning.

    1. Eric,

      I hate tripods – they limit my creativity! I only use them in very low light situations (we prepare a post about this topic). All the images above were shot from hand.

      Thank you for visiting.


  8. For the X-Pro 2, yep, I can agree with everything in your wish list. Particularly the largest possible hi-res EVF. But please Fuji, don’t forsake the optical viewfinder. It’s what makes the X-Pro 1 such a great workhorse for me.

  9. Great post. I agree with all your points on the X-Pro 2 – we are photographers, if you want to video then buy a dedicated video camera

  10. Nicely done, as usual! It’s a very picturesque area up there – I’ve always wanted to climb up that steep bank (Brenda Mine) beside the highway to peer over the edge and see what’s on the other side.

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