Babblings About Fuji X-Pro2

Babblings About Fuji X-Pro2

Given that our last post took on the Internet obsession with technical issues, I thought writing about a camera that is still in development would be odd, to say the least. Our intentions are not to start another discussion about the superiority of one camera over the other but rather to share our personal thoughts about the rumoured specifications of the highly anticipated Fuji X-Pro2.

Patrick of has been working very hard to provide us with the latest bits of information about future X-series cameras and our preliminary thoughts are based on the rumours shared by his sources.

First of all, we are pure photographers and we cherish simple cameras with direct controls (knobs!). Despite some early quirks, we enjoy shooting with the X-series cameras (especially the Fuji X100/S/T). We have worked with the Fuji X-Pro1 extensively and in general we like the design. Rumoured specifications point to the following:

  • Improved 24MP X-Trans Sensor – great but it doesn’t really matter for us – the current 16MP count is enough for our needs. Much more important is low-light performance and improved processing.
  • Dual SD card slot – it’s very important! We go a long way to capture some images and the thought that we have only one card slot (therefore no backup) in our cameras makes us shiver.
  • Tilt screen – don’t really care.
  • Video (4k or not) – we don’t know anyone who shoots with the X-series cameras (and we do know many) who would care about or need video. We certainly don’t need it and we don’t want it. The simpler the camera the better – we want fewer menus, fewer buttons and fewer features. We like the Leica philosophy here – I wish Fuji would refrain from adding features that are not related directly to photography.
  • Weather sealing – yes please – we shoot in the rain and in snowy conditions.
  • Size and mechanics – we like the size of the Fuji X-Pro1, its external controls and general feel. No revolution needed here.
  • EVF – this is crucial – we would like to see the largest and the best electronic viewfinder possible.
  • Improved AF – we usually do “slow photography.” However, we wouldn’t mind faster AF.  
  • Battery – needs improvement, especially more accurate information about usage.       

That’s all for now about Fuji X-Pro2.

One more thing! Fuji, please keep improving the X-series line and forget full frame (it is so crowded in that field). However, PLEASE BRING US A MEDIUM FORMAT RANGEFINDER CAMERA and three HIGH-QUALITY prime lenses. We will be the first ones in line.

Enough is enough. It is time for photography. Here are the images we took during our recent trip along British Columbia’s Highway 97c. The Highland Valley Copper mine – one of the world’s largest open-pit mines – and the area around it, offer truly stunning scenery. A passing winter storm arrived right on time as we started shooting with the Fuji X-100S and Fuji X-T1 coupled with the XF 56mm F1.2.











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