Confessions of Fuji Fanboy

Someone brought to my attention a few comments posted on the Internet forums, which I found very accurate and fair. Let me explain.

I used to be a Nikon shooter, oops, I am sorry I should have said Nikon Fanboy. Life was easy back then. There were so many of us that we didn’t care much what others thought. And Internet forums were not yet popular so I didn’t have to worry about them at all.

Then, disaster struck. My (now ex) friend lent me a Fuji X100. I started leaving my superb Nikon SLR at home and venturing outside only with the Fuji X100 in a brown paper bag. I enjoyed the smallness of this camera. It had real knobs and controls, a viewfinder and, most importantly, it produced quality JPEGs. Then everything spiralled out of control. I bought the Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm F1.4. XF 14mm F2.8 and… well, as you can see, made mistake after mistake.

What’s even worse, I really started enjoying photography. I stopped looking at lens charts or worrying about sharpness and post-processing. I focused on composition, light and my subject. I walked around with my camera every day and took photos. I just didn’t realize what a big mistake it was. What was I thinking?

Then it got worse. To my misfortune, Fuji released really excellent XF 56mm F1.2 and XF 23mm F1.4 lenses, both of which I found super-duper and I dared to write about it. Then recently, Fuji added to its line-up its first professional zoom XF 50-140mm F2.8, which turned out to be an excellent lens. After all, zooms should be much worse than their prime equivalents.

Unfortunately, this zoom turned out to be really, really good. Damn Fuji! Because of you I had to write another superlative review, which I agree with my forum friends, is totally over-the-top. Micro-contrast? Are you kidding me? I should have known better! What’s even more calamitous is that I dared to publish a few holiday-themed shoots of children at Christmas. How unprofessional! I totally forgot to include MTF data, vignetting info and a scientific evaluation. But the fact that I didn’t include a photo of the wall at 300% is unforgiveable.

But wait, there is more. Now, instead of sitting in front of my computer evaluating charts and commenting on forums, I am naïve enough to take my beloved Fuji gear (the brown paper bag is a bit tattered now) and head out on a trip to take actual photos. It only shows how immature I am as a photographer. After all, a REAL photographer would not waste time on such primitive and random activities.

Well, what can I do know? Not much, I guess. I’m a bit of a lost cause. I can only hope that Fuji will screw up and release a crappy lens, for which I would immediately provide appropriate charts and technical documentation, followed by an appropriate number of profanities on the Internet forums.

I promise I will bash it as much as I can. And I will make sure an appropriate wall photo accompanies the article.

In regard to my behaviour I will try to spend more time in front of the computer and start commenting on other people’s work – anonymously, of course. It is not going to be easy, as those who are technically the most educated and comment the most somehow hide their portfolios.

The online photography community has evolved and so should I!

Stupid me!


P.S. I would not dare to publish any photos with this article. Right now I know it is not about images. It is all about lengthy technical studies and technical data. After all, who needs to discuss composition or light? Having said that, I will make sure my next post has some charts, analysis and lens data. You see, guys, I’m starting to get it.


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54 thoughts on “Confessions of Fuji Fanboy

  1. olaf,thank to guys like you I bought a xpro1 with a 18-55; and now I gave myself a 14mm following your (not intentional)”instructions”.Am I doing everything wrong as appropriate to a fuji ownner?Please let me know if I do something right just to correct. :-):-):-)Merry xmas all

  2. Laughing Out Loud! Very humorous. Some folks will never be happy unless you provide all the scientific mumbo-jumbo and even then they will still question it when DXO publishes their findings. Screw that. I’d rather be out making images! But just think about it: The cameras and lenses these guys who sit all day in front of a computer in forums and review sites will rarely get used; and, as they JUMP into the “next best” camera/lens/software that shows up on the internet, we pick up their fresh, mint equipment at bargain basement prices as they will never, ever be happy with anything!

  3. Interesting thing happened to me. I was all about what was next on the camera and/or lens horizon. Faster shutter speed, more AF points, higher pixel count better f-stop. What would my next upgrade be? Should I get the next model, or strategist for the one after that?

    About a year ago, I got a Fuji XT-1 and all that changed. No, it is not the perfect camera, it doesn’t have the most mpix or even the fastest shutter and yes the AF tracking could be better, but what it does is feel right and take dam good photos.

    I have found that now, even if they do come out with a new XT-2 or an X-Pro-2, I will still be continue to be very happy with my XT-1 and keep shooting it for many years.

    Truth is, the stats matter so little and the results are far more important. In the past year, I have shared many photos from my XT-1 and never once showed anyone the specification sheet for the camera.

    Way to go Fuji, this is what photography is all about!

  4. I great job very reasonable job, Fuji makes cameras for photographers. 2 years ago I had a Fuji x100 but I sold it. That decision haunted me however I am getting the X Pro 1 for myself, bc I wanted an ovf option.

    I can’t wait for the rumored X Pro 2 in the middle of next year. Your honesty about Fuji is refreshing, I choose Fuji over Sony because the difference between Fuji x trans and Sony is neglible in image quality and one thing doesn’t get mentioned is firmware support. Fuji supports their base and releases greate camera bodies and lenses. Sony just released an A7 mk2 ALREADY another reason I can’t be a huge Sony fan.

  5. I am slowly moving from canon to fuji and loving it. Started with just XT-1 and 35mm but picked up 14mm, 23mm, and 56mm after seeing what this little camera can do. For action I am still using my canon gear but for day to day shooting, I am using Fuji. And like you say, I am enjoying it more and spending less time in front of the computer. Fuji is the first camera where I shoot mostly jpegs.

  6. Olaf my man!

    I always love viewing your thoughts and images you take. I love people who tell it like it is and that is what you do.

    I remember doing the same thing with my Canon gear and falling into the “X” trap haha! Never looked back!!

    Personally I do not care about what gear a person uses as long as it serves THEIR needs. But we live in a world where society shuns upon those willing to dare. I say life is too short to live on the edge and just take the plunge!!!

    Keep up the brilliant work you do!

  7. He, he, he, Olaf, don’t read the angry trolls!
    Your blog is one of the reasons I jumped on the Fuji boat and I don’t regret it one bit!
    I was unhappy with my old Canon, even trying good Sigma glass and I was looking for a new camera (a year ago). The X100s was definitely out of question, with those strange specs: fixed lens? 23mm? rather large for a compact… until I ran across a few reviews that made me fall off my chair.

    Now I am a very happy shooter, always going out with the TCL converter on (easy to take off quickly and giving a very nice two-focal-lengths system) and I am mulling over and over “why why why didn’t I buy that camera before going to India last year!!??”

    Next, I think I’ll need an ILC and probably a versatile zoom lens, so I have great hopes regarding the upcoming 16-55 f2.8 (with whatever body makes more sense at the time). So please continue your reviews and don’t give up that hands-on and subjective approach: it’s what make your point of view valuable!


  8. It is so good to read the comments and replies from other people. It seems that Fuji have somehow found out what people NEED and have managed to get it right…so that photography becomes FUN again. Good to read that other people are also enjoying spending LESS time on editing photos, and MORE time taking photos.

  9. I couldn’t have found better words to describe what happened to me when I travelled the first time with my X-E2. All people have warned me I would regret it to leave my Canon at home. But the opposite happened. I felt so light and free without my 15kg of Canon gear on my back, that I shot the whole day and didn’t even noticed it. So much fun back in photography. That happened a year ago and I now have sold a lot of my Canon gear and bought a second Fuji Body (X-T1) and several lenses. The newest is the 50-140mm and it is so good. There is no need to hide it when you compare it to the Canon 70-200mm F2.8. It is perfect!

    And the rest of your writing is exactly how I feel. Less Computer, more shooting! Ok, now I have to leave. My Fuji’s are calling me. They need some attention 😉

    Thanks for your writing and your nice Blog.

  10. Excellent article! Agree with all you observe. More and more I just want to look at images in posting and maybe some insightful creative/artistic musings by the one who created the image.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  11. Why is it that many insane people like you 🙂 go from Nikon to Fuji?, is it that Canon is better than Nikon? (jojojo yeah, sure), is it that Canon folks don’t have a good enough eye they are not able to see the beauty in Fuji’s X files, be them Raw or awesome jpgs? 🙂 I don’t get it. (Just a lover of X100S)

  12. Thanks for the continuously interesting blog. I love the images and not having to wade through the techno-babble. I appreciate seeing you interpret our corner of the world.

    Old Nikon fanboy
    (XT-1 on my wish list)

  13. Hi Olaf, I have found your reviews and advice to be very helpful since I discovered your blog some months ago. I also switched over from Nikon, and I traded in my lenses to buy the X-E2, the kit lens, the 35 MM and the 55-200 mm. Reading through your posts I notice that the 23 mm features very frequently (on the X100), it seems to be a beautiful lens, and very suitable to many conditions. As I very often travel with one lens only (public transport) would you consider this lens to be a very good all rounder? I get the feeling that it is wide enough for many environments and also suitable for photographing people and sometimes portraits.
    Many thanks,
    Michael Killen

    1. Micheal,

      Great way to approach photography!
      Yes. If I had a choice to have only one lens, the 23mm would be it. Also, by using one lens very often you become a master of one focal length and train your eye to see better.

      I wish you all the best,


  14. I seem to have the same illness (Nikon–> Fuji X100s & X-T1). Just can’t understand why all I want to do is make images. Whatever happened to the days of spending hour and hour staring at my computer screen? I may need therapy, but like you all I am having a great time making images.

  15. Well said! Keep up the great work. I enjoy your photographic work and newsletters!

    Jess Donaldson Vancouver, BC


  16. Same here…just about to put up something similar on my blog. It is great to actually concentrate on TAKING photos rather then PROCESSING photos. Fuji has put the fun back into photography…..and no longer do you have to worry about the camera letting you down. Superb glass and the results show. JPEGS are brilliant and after trying several other alternatives, am very happy with Fuji. Many of your comments are echoed by me.

  17. Sadly I’m a member of the same depraved group. Ex Nikon, ex Leica and shamefully now just enjoying myself with an X-Pro1, X-T1, 10-24, 23 and 18-135. I’ve even been enticed to return to the media from which I began this journey 60 years ago: black and white. Shameful huh?

  18. I’m in the same boat only with Canon. And so many people look down on me because I didn’t go to Sony, which is so much better at high ISOs. I kept my Canon bodies for specialist work – macro and birds in flight but the rest is becoming redundant. I was so ashamed I went out and bought a Leica M. I hate it. The Fuji X-T1 beats it in every respect. I think I need therapy.

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