Photo Bits II: New section, Fuji X-T1 and five minutes of light

We added a new section to our website titled “gear we use and recommend.” Many of you ask for camera recommendations, so you should find some answers here.  

It appears that the interest in the new Fuji X-T1 is sky high and for good reason. One of our readers, Stephen, was kind enough to share with us his initial impression of this new camera.

Hi Olaf,

“At a Fuji event in Toronto I spent some time playing with the X-T1.The VF really is in a class of its own. An extraordinary view. It is also the first EVF I have used where it didn’t feel so much like an EVF. I am not a huge EVF user, but this one really did make me see things differently…

As for the camera, well, it’s certainly a modern Fuji. No compromises on the controls, and lots of small improvements in layout that add up to a very nice setup. Everything falls to hand. I find that my X-Pro 1 is a great size for me, whereas the XE range is a bit small. The new camera is pretty much the size of the XEs but doesn’t feel small or cramped.

I liked the flip out screen too – nice for tripod/landscape work, or for creative angles.

I don’t think I will get one, but that is because I don’t need it. It is an extraordinarily well-designed camera that makes you forget about it and place your attention on the composition and light. I’m looking forward to your experiences with the one you have on order.”

Interesting! We cannot wait to shoot with the X-T1.

For all those interested in this camera, Fuji has a promotion (in Canada only) – if you pre-order the X-T1 before March 31st, you get a battery grip as a bonus (listed price $250). Not bad.

All right, enough of this camera talk. This morning my father-in-law (also X-Pro1 shooter) and I went for a short trip to Harrison Hot Springs, BC. On the way, we encountered a patch of beautiful light, which lasted maybe five minutes. It turned out it was the only time during our drive when the sun found its way through very cloudy skies. Here are a few photographs.







Also, my favourite, some B&Ws…







Finally, we met a very nice gentleman from Germany and after chatting for a little while I took his portrait.


All images were shot with the Fuji X-Pro1, XF 21mm F2.8, XF 60mm F2.4 and Fuji X100S, processed in Iridient Developer & Lightroom 5.


© Olaf Sztaba Photography. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Photo Bits II: New section, Fuji X-T1 and five minutes of light

  1. I have the chance to work in Tokyo, at 5 minutes walking distance from the Fuji showroom… so I spent a few lunch breaks playing with the X-T1 there, mounted with either the kit lens, the new 56mm or the new 10-24mm.

    This camera is absolutely incredible. The viewfinder is just perfect, with no noticeable lag and a great magnification. The controls are 200% intuitive and the lenses look great (can’t do much testing on that in a showroom).

    Anyway, that is a camera I’d recommend to anybody on the market right now.

    1. Antoine,

      Thanks for sharing your impressions of this camera with us. It looks like an incredible tool. We are looking forward to shooting with it.

      All the best,


  2. Wow, that’s what you call getting lucky. Always wonderful when you stumble upon these light conditions, especially when they’re not planned.

    As always astounding work. 🙂

  3. While most digital sensors seem capable of capturing great detail, I sense that Fuji has an extra richness in theirs – truly digital film. I’ll go out on a limb and place a bet that you didn’t spend a lot of time editing these.

    Anyway, once again you show the advantage of putting yourself out in search of light. The last of the colour ones is beautifully composed. Lots of foreground tracking off to layers of more richness. Overall though I am more deeply intrigued by the BWs. Especially the first one, and then the great lines of the bridge.

    The portrait is my favourite. It’s just classic. I’d love to know the lens and f on this one.

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