The Mission District – a visual feast of mural art

While researching our recent photography trip to San Francisco and area, we put the Mission District high on our list of things to do. Some Internet guides characterize this area as dangerous to visit, citing frequent shootings and robberies. We’re glad we didn’t listen. Named for Mission Dolores, founded in 1776, the Mission District is [...]

To colour or not to colour?

In the last few months I have noticed a flood of strongly de-saturated imagery on the Internet as if colour had suddenly fallen out of fashion. I have even heard an opinion that using strong colour is not professional. Part of the reason could be the rising popularity of HDR-like, oversaturated imagery, which indeed looks [...]

No Colour Necessary

With the surge in digital imaging technology, nearly everyone has gained access to the world of photography. One would think that the elimination of cost barriers, ease of use and abundance of processes would yield a large amount of exceptional work. Quite the opposite! Photography has become a form of visual “fast food.” You don’t [...]

Featured Photographer: Utah – Seeing in Colour by Edward Marcinek

When starting this blog we decided that from time to time we would like to feature work of other photographers that we believe make a great contribution to the “art of seeing.” Today, it is a special entry for three reasons: It is the first in the series We believe the quality of capture is [...]