From the road

Most of my blog posts are quite long. This year, I have been extremely busy working on my new books (yes, there are two in the works), developing my brand new Visual Poet Experience – PRO program and working on the Medium Format Magazine. The last two weeks were especially challenging as gloomy and dark days paired with some tiredness took a toll on me. Therefore, today I will try to be short and just leave you with some imagery taken during my recent trip to Montana. 

All shot with the GFX50S and Hasselblad X1DII with variety of lenses. I hope you will enjoy this imagery and find some time to say HI and cheer me up 🙂 Stay well my photographic friends.    

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7 thoughts on “From the road

  1. Olaf, you are making such beautiful photos. I’m taking a class entitled Contemplative Photography, and i keep referring class mates to your website to see your work. Winters are for down time and introspection. Give yourself time to rest.

  2. Hi Olaf, I miss the long missives but I am raising my mug of coffee to you and wishing you bright days full of energy. You, me, breakfast sandwich. One of my favourite songs for those gloomy winter days is “Three Little Birds” by Robert Nesta Marley

    “Don’t worry about a thing
    ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright
    Singing’ don’t worry about a thing
    ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright”

  3. Hi, Olaf. Just a note to cheer you up :-), although from your imagery, it looks like you are doing just fine. I took for Visual Poet Experience class in San Francisco in late 2018. Transformative is the word! I still look back to those images to remind myself how I was seeing during those rarified 2 days. Thank you again!

    1. Alan,

      Thank you so much for your kind note. It means so much to me. I already feel better 🙂 I hope to see you soon. Please keep me updated about your photography.



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