Winter Seeing

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I love winter. Whenever we get snow in Vancouver I rejoice and run out with my camera. I know what you think. Many of my friends around the world shake their head and message me: Come on, Olaf—you are in Canada and you are excited about snow?! I hear you but keep in mind that Vancouver has a very mild climate and those gorgeous white winters don’t happen very often. 

Well, a few days ago we got lucky! I would say there was an abundance of luck—maybe even too much. In short, conditions got really severe and this was just the time to go out shooting. I drove to the windiest part of the lower mainland and got out the camera. I have to admit that it was so brutal I couldn’t set up my tripod or really leave the car for too long. 

The good news is that I was able to capture some images which I am happy to share with you. They were taken with the GFX50S, the GF110 and the GF45 mm. While you are enjoying this imagery I will be shooting in rural Montana, so I am planning to come back with some great visuals, I hope. In the meantime, please enjoy and don’t forget to check out Photography Radio.

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3 thoughts on “Winter Seeing

  1. Love the color grading! The use of both cyan and green brings a unique look to these images that I feel does justice to the subject

    Woody Spedden

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