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I have to admit I‘ve never done this before. Do I have a great voice for podcasting? Of course not. A few months back I found the following comment on one of my YouTube videos: “Olaf, you have such a mafia voice.” Well, if the podcast doesn’t work, I can always take up a new “career.” 

Seriously, that is exactly the reason I decided to do podcasting. The fact that I don’t feel comfortable talking to a microphone, the challenge of my voice, the inability to take my time as in writing—this all makes it appealing and exciting. 

The most exciting problem is my Eastern European accent which I’ve learnt to embrace (Thank you, Sally!). All these things pushed me to face reality and try this new way of sharing and communicating with you—my photographic friends. 

I am grateful that Tomasz invited me along with two other amazing photographers. The company, friendship and professionalism of Karen Hutton, Take Kayo and Tomasz Trzebiatowski makes my strange attack of shyness go away. And a glass in my hand helps as well.  

So to make a long story short, please head to and subscribe to the podcast. Photography Radio is available on all podcast platforms!

And don’t forget to drop me a line. I may actually talk about topics and ideas you care about. This time I need your help. Let’s do it together. 

As usual I will leave you with some imagery from Amsterdam. Enjoy! 

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11 thoughts on “Photography Radio – an exciting new sound

  1. i have subscribed the Podcast and listened to few of those. finally a Podcast of the subject i am interested in, that has substance and depth! it is interesting to approach photography – art of seeing and capturing – in a purely audio form, but we all are looking at computer displays, smartphones, and TV for some folks, or the back screen of digital cameras, all day, and we all need to rest our eyes and get into our brains. please keep good Podcast episodes coming.

  2. Great podcast Olaf!
    (what else could I say…?)

    Absolutely agree with you, as I have experienced for myself. I just would add to balance the impulse to follow your own style with the acceptance of honest critique. The “my way” story during some time led me to an “I don’t care about the rest” that made me impossible to learn and evolve. Being ready to improve without losing your primary vision, that would be the ideal for me…

    Best regards

  3. Listened to your 1st episode and subscribed right away. Concerns about accent? The world needs more of that! Accent in a cultural way, in opinions, in PHOTOGRAPHY. I feel very much addressed concerning your advice and approach to be oneself and not try to follow heroes or mainstream. Because that blocks one’s own creativity. If your photography does not represent your individual, let’s say ‘visual accent’, than it’s nothing. So curious about upcoming podcast episodes! Tipp for everyone: listen to the podcasts of photographyradio and

  4. Nothing at all wrong with your voice, I enjoy hearing you speak! And accent? We all have an accent. I’m a native English speaker but I only have to go over to the USA and suddenly I have an accent! We’re all world citizens so let’s enjoy our interrelatedness and our diversity 🙂 I wish you well with this new venture!

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