Let’s talk photography, my friends

Over the course of the last few years I have been present on multiple platforms, internet forums and projects. I enjoyed all of them. I met many talented people, I tried new ideas and faced many challenges. Having said that, this blog has always been my home—my refuge, if you will. This is where I started and met most of you through good and bad times.  

One of the greatest privileges of being a photographer is getting to know people like you. Sometimes we are joyful and full of optimism, other times we are sad and worried. What is really remarkable in this bountiful, unpredictable and demanding life is that we still find time to share our passion for photography.

Now, as I am organizing my photographic life around just a few chosen projects, I would like to rekindle our connection. I have some thoughts and pieces which I will share with you over the course of the next few weeks. Also, as my photographic interests remain diverse but articulate you will see more diversity of imagery published here. 

In the meantime, I would like to ask you for a favour. Could you please let me know what you enjoy on this blog the most? What would you like to see more of? Less? What would you like to hear from me? Or maybe you have moved to YouTube or Instagram and the idea of a blog is no longer speaking to you? I would appreciate your thoughts. 

Let me leave you for today with some diverse work from my recent outings. 

and some recent vistas…

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26 thoughts on “Let’s talk photography, my friends

  1. Hi Olaf,
    Superb pictures but I must say how much I particularly liked the two black and white landscapes at the end of the blog.
    Kind Regards, Jane Bradbear

  2. I come back to your blog because your posts are direct, thoughtful, and have great photos. I much prefer to get information from a blog than social media because it takes time to craft a good blog post and the quaility is always higher. Blogs, books, newspaper articles, are like vegetables, social media is sugary candy.

    I don’t see any reason to change what you are doing in this space.

    1. Jeff, I like your reference to “sugar candy” – I agree with you completely. I am the same – I love ‘slow’ blogs, magazines and newspapers. Thank you so much for your kind words and support.

  3. Olaf my man,

    You continue to amaze me with the number of outlets you use to express your vision and the ingenuity you show in creating words and images to populate all of them.

    I was first inspired to follow your artistic journey by this blog and it remains my favorite. As good as your Journal of Seeing is and the wonderful opportunity it provides for community, Facebook noise contaminates it as it does to all it touches.

    That said I did spend a lot of time there today surveying and sampling your work. What I got from it was confirmation of what I already knew, namely that you are a superb portrait photographer. At 82 I can no longer get out in nature or even on the street like I once did and what I would most like to get from you now is more of your wisdom and insight into the art of the portrait.

    Bob Raisler

    1. Bob,

      It is so wonderful to hear from you. You know that without your support and kindness this blog would not exist. It is very interesting that you wrote about my portrait photography – I have to admit that this is something that fascinates me more and more. There is no question that I will be writing more thoughts about this relatively new direction in my work. Guess what spurred this interest in portraiture? The Renatus Project, which I continue working on.

      Thank you so much Bob for your note. It means the world to me.

      Warm Regards,


  4. I enjoy your blog because it seems so personal to you. You are able to express your thoughts and photographic “vision” clearly. What is increasingly apparent is that everyone sees differently. I don’t see like you. I am almost the opposite in many ways. But I do appreciate seeing another photographers vision. The major thing you have encouraged me to do is “explore” the way you see. That is invaluable. Thank you.

  5. I agree, Olaf, with all of the above comments
    and hope you continue with exactly what feels true to you because it is working. Your heartfelt thoughts and perspective, and your willingness to be vulnerable in sharing is really appreciated. In regard to the images posted, which I always enjoy, it is helpful to me to understand what initially captured the photographer’s interest and any challenges he/she encountered in making the image – more emotionally than technically. Thank you for what you offer to us.

    1. Hello Patricia,

      Thank you so much for your warm note. I will be sharing more posts from the “HOW IT WAS SHOT” series I have been working on for quite some time. I truly hope you will find it interesting and valuable. Also, it would be wonderful to exchange some photographic ideas more often – so please share your thoughts with me when you can. I read them very carefully and they inspire me to keep going.

      Thank you again,


  6. Olaf,

    Please continue the blog! In this age of constant distraction, I find that thoughtful blogs are more valuable than ever. You can structure your thoughts as you want, make the posts as long (or short) as you want, post as many or as few images as you want, and most importantly, the blog presents your content how you want. It’s an expression of you. Not of Zuck or Google or some other entity that can arbitrarily change how (or even whether!) things get presented from one day to the next.

    Platforms like Instagram should be complementary and never central. The algorithm means some days I never see your stuff, for no good reason. Do you really want to show off your gorgeous imagery compressed to shit?

    Keep it up!


    1. Eric,

      I absolutely agree with you. I also love reading blogs. In the era of fast-paced videos, quick talk, flashy effects and other distractions I also find reading blogs and thoughtful, articulate articles very valuable (therefore I love blogs and Magazines). I hear you about Instagram. Even though I am present there, it is certainly not my favourite medium.

      I really appreciate your note. Let’s keep this conversation alive.

      All the best,


  7. What I enjoy the most are the post where you share the “why” of your photography Your personal stories, thoughts, feelings and adventures. I woudl like to see more of that.

    I think blogs are needed more today than ever before. Blogs are the barrier against the waves of “instant” thinking and doing”. Thougtful ​blogs, like this one, allow me to slow down, pull up a chair, and a mug of ale/coffee/tea, sit by the fire and chat until the wee hour.

    1. Khürt,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. You made my day with the “…allow me to slow down, pull up a chair, and a mug….” note. It means a lot to me.

      Thank you so much,

      Warm Regards,


  8. Glad, what I enjoy the most are the post where you share the “why” of your photography Your personal stories, thoughts, feelings and adventures. I woudl like to see more of that.

    I think blogs are needed more today than ever before. Blog are the barrier against the waves of “instant
    “. I want to slow down, pull up a chair, and a mug of ale/coffee/tea, sit by the fire and chat until the wee hour.

  9. Hi Olaf, thank you for sharing your content with us, I highly appreciate your images! Your images are wonderful and always inspire and motivate me to create my own content. Me for my part I wish you could remain yourself and stick to your ‘Olaf-style’ – by delivering vibrant content as you always have done – so no changes at all. YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram? If you like to … but remain yourself and please be authentic. Creating content for my blog means: Whatever they say I will (listen to my audience, think about their feedback, and probably nevertheless) continue keeping my own style, being like a ‘rock in a river’ and not adjusting whenever my audience would like to. And of course I am taking the risk of loosing some of my subscribers – I am truely sorry for them, but on the other hand I will gain another audience. Thank you once again Olaf, I am looking forward to your upcoming content!

    1. Christian,

      I hear you and agree with you. The problem I have (probably) that I cannot adjust to any specific audience. I just cannot write something that is not ME. Having said that, you are right saying that even some people may not like what I do, I am truly privileged and honoured to interact and exchange ideas with a wonderful group of people. I absolutely love it.

      Thank you so much for being here.



  10. Hi Olaf, your blog is always appreciated here. More of…? – much the same, your thoughts on seeing, your interviews/posts and of course, your photographs, particularly your b&w urban. Thanks and regards, Alan

    1. Alan,

      Thank you so much for your kind note. I am heading to New York this month so I expect a lot of shooting – and also some great (I hope) black and white imagery.

      It is great to have you here.

      Warm Regards,


  11. Hi Olaf, I really enjoy your posts, thoughts and images you contribute in this blog. It triggers my personal thoughts and inspiration. So for my part, I would be really happy if you continue like this (and best would be to meet you again:)).

    1. Dirk,

      It is always wonderful to hear from you my friend. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. When are you coming to Vancouver? I would love to have you here.

      Stay well,


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