The Realm of Ideas

In the last few weeks my keyboard has become my best friend. These periods of intense writing are something I enjoy because I am well aware that the gods of inspiration could flip on me anytime. 

Sometimes I wonder why the written word appeals to me so much. Why do I need to write down my thoughts? Maybe because I experience the burden of a never-ending flow of visual ideas and I need to organize them into logical thoughts. It is not that the ideas are great. Not at all. In fact, most of them are better forgotten, fast. I am learning that in this process of visual risk-taking, every smidgen of the new and fresh must have the chance to prove itself in this one-person realm of ideas. I am also aware that this is no place for justice or evenness. There is no time and no resources for such luxury. 

I know one thing. It will never stop because stopping this mechanism of visual mayhem would put a hold on . . . in short, no. Writing is a form of therapy and tidiness, allowing the ideas to defend themselves and stay afloat but also take the form of a civilized conversation. As many of you know, I have my own YouTube channel, which started doing quite well . . . until I stopped posting videos. I know I want to revive it but, so far, the long and onerous road from the written word to the video has got me down. I hope I can fall in love in video again and figure this out soon. Any ideas?

Other than writing down my ideas as a way of organizing my thoughts, I have been working on more structured pieces. One is the second part of my book, “Seeing Simplified – How to see and craft great imagery,” but this time focused on travel. I realized that I have spent much of my photographic life travelling to some amazing places off the beaten path in North America. Over the years, many of you have asked me about the places and images. In a few weeks, travel season is starting, and you will be on the road. In this book I share my way of travelling and seeing, planning and executing imagery when on the go. I share the stories behind the shots and note everything that helped me take those pictures.

I am planning to release this book sometime in July so stay tuned for more info. In the meantime, for those of you who would like to shoot with me this summer, I have two workshops coming up in Vancouver. The July workshop is already full but today I just announced a very special event.

On August 23-25 I will be co-leading a workshop with my friend, brilliant photographer, podcaster and author – Ibarionex Perello. In short – two photographers, one workshop! This is a one-time event of deep learning, great photography and photographic friendship. Make sure to book your spot early as we expect the workshop to sell out quickly.

Let me show you the most recent photographs taken near my home, so you have an idea where my seeing is at the moment. 

Next time . . . 

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6 thoughts on “The Realm of Ideas

  1. Viewing the last image again, what also strikes me is how celestial the woman looks with the light flare embracing her. Time and again I am struck by how you capture light and shadow in an almost sculptural manner. I find myself looking at the images and wondering, would I have seen that? It is a reminder for me to keep my eyes and heart open for colors, shapes, lines, gestures… Thank you.

    1. It took me a while to figure out this image. It was difficult to capture as I used reflections in the window and initially I could find the right angle. Your kind and thoughtful note means a lot.

  2. Hi Olaf,
    I particularly like your last two photos in the series you just posted on your blog.There is a sense of mystery and beauty in them.

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