The first issue of the Medium Format Magazine is here!

It is finally happening. The Medium Format platform and the accompanying Medium Format Magazine are here!

Only two years ago digital medium format photography was the privilege of a very few mostly commercial and fashion photographers who could justify spending the equivalent of a new car on purchasing a medium format system. At that time, most of us could only admire, lust and dream. Whether we admit it or not, the appeal of digital medium format was always there. Now, this fantasy is rapidly becoming reality. The spectral hand of innovation and competition has brought us brand-new medium format tools. In fact, we have reached the point when many of us could sell our collection of lenses and cameras and enter this no-longer-exclusive world of digital medium format photography.

When I entered this exciting new world, one thing struck me right away. I felt lost and confused. Other than a few occasional articles about digital medium format photography, I couldn’t find anything on the internet or elsewhere which would guide me in those crucial first steps.

I soon found I wasn’t alone in this search for knowledge, inspiration and companionship. Whether we are seasoned pros, advanced amateurs or beginners, learning about the precision and craftsmanship demanded by medium format is something that bonds us together.

This union prompted me to create a new home for medium format photographers. We knew from the start that the only right name for this new home must be Then the idea of the Medium Format Magazine followed, sort of naturally, not out of necessity but rather as the side-effect of my passion for visuals and words.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself. As I talked to numerous industry leaders, writers and photographers the idea became clearer: a clean website with high-quality, curated and exclusive content from the best medium photographers in the world.

At the centre of this membership community is the monthly Medium Format Magazine. This is not just another online magazine. From the start, we wanted to create a premium publication with exclusive content presented in a clean, beautifully designed format without the clutter of ads and sales pitches.

We decided that the only appropriate topic for the first issue of the magazine would be “Why Medium Format?” – each of us pondering from our own perspective.

And so it has begun!

Patrick La Roque the master of visual narrative and storytelling, in his editorial “Frailties” shares his road to medium format and describes its appeal and his involvement in the latest release from Fujifilm.

Lloyd Chambers, in his column “Metapixel” introduces his approach to testing gear, deliberates on the question “Why” and touches on choosing a medium format system.

Ming Thein, in his editorial “In Pursuit of Transparency” ponders the development of digital camera technology and its effect on our seeing, transparency and the creative process. He makes the case for medium format but with a conclusion which may surprise you.

Jonas Rask, in “Keeping It Alive,” lays out the case for embracing the darkness, prompting us to rethink the way we see, frame and craft our imagery.

Ibarionex Perello, in his editorial “Beyond Medium Format” provokes and challenges us to go beyond our fascination with tools and go deeper in our seeing.

This is just the start. This month, we are privileged to present an exclusive interview with Billy Luong, one of the Fuji Guys. I had the chance to chat with Billy about the Fujifilm world of medium format photography and its recent stunning product introductions. I am sure you will find this interview informative and revealing.

On a similar subject, Spencer Wynn, a great photographer and dear friend from Toronto, Canada, is sharing with us his thoughts about the brand-new GFX50R. There is no question that this new medium format offering from Fujifilm has changed the dynamics of the entire segment.

You will find a thought-provoking article by Vincent Lions about the ways medium format changed his approach to photography and the way he shoots. A fascinating case for medium format!

Take Kayo explores the world of medium format photography from the days of film and makes a much-needed connection between these two interconnected worlds.

Of course, we also have a Readers’ Exhibition where the readers, share their work. What great photography!

We also offer our members live and immersive webinars. Already, the first webinar is scheduled for October 20th with Ming Thein.

Then there are the education and inspirational publications, written for and accessed exclusively by the members of our platform, centred on digital medium format photography.

This is just the beginning 🙂 



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