Seeing in Vancouver

I spent last weekend teaching and shooting with an incredible group of students in the Visual Poet Experience Photography Workshop here in Vancouver. I have to say it was one of the strongest groups ever!

After studying the Simplicity-In-Seeing program and having intense image-centred discussions, we hit the streets of Vancouver. Our key focus was learning to observe and craft innovative and bold imagery.   

When we looked at the images we all smiled. Most importantly, we created a bond and friendship between us and have already started planning to meet again. What an experience!

Our next Visual Poet Experience Photography Workshop in Vancouver will take place on August 10-12. There are two spots left (you can register here).

See for yourself. All the imagery was taken by the students. Will share more once they are available.

Raymond Lemoine


Stephen Huen

Instagram: @stephenhuenphoto


Homi Irani


In one week, I am going to London and Berlin to lead the Visual Poet Experience Workshops in those remarkable cities. I believe that there is one more spot for Berlin.

Here is the full schedule for the rest of the year.

London / March 9 – 11, 2018

Berlin / March 16 -18, 2018

Toronto / June 8 – 19, 2018

New York / June 15 -17, 2018

Vancouver / August 10 -12, 2018

Paris / September 21 – 23, 2018

San Francisco / November 9-11, 2018 (registrations will open shortly)


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