Seeing San Francisco with New Eyes

I am well aware that I promised the second part of “The best Fujifilm lenses to start with in late 2017.” It is coming! However, today I would like to share with you some imagery shot by my students during the Streets of San Francisco Photography Workshop.

It was amazing to watch how we all worked hard to expand our seeing horizons and set no limit to the way we see the world around us. Take a look for yourself and please feel free to leave some comments.

All imagery shot with the X100T/F and X-Pro2 with the XF 23mm lens.

Bob Raisler


Elaine Raisler



Instagram @shawasaurus


Patrick Malone


Michael Vinson

Instagram @vinsonphotographs


next time I will share some of my own work…





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6 thoughts on “Seeing San Francisco with New Eyes

  1. All of them impress me. I can’t decide. The skater is spectacular, but all of them are very attractive to me, differently, and for unique reasons. What impresses me more is that so high effort to reach beyond usual seeing suceeds so much.

    Wish had been there. Congratulations to everybody!

  2. Michael Vinson, wow!
    Love the skate board shot – to the nearest millimetre it seems impossible to improve!
    And the red bus shot – warm and reads really well.

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