The Streets of Vancouver as seen by workshop participants

In my last post, I wrote about the privilege of working with a very talented group of people. I was really impressed by the way my students merged the elements of the Simplicity-In-Seeing program with their own way of seeing to create stunning imagery.

As we walked around the Streets of Vancouver, we all saw the same scenes but we connected, visualized and framed the scenes very differently. If there are two things I really insist on during my workshops they are visual risk-taking and the free flow of image-centred, honest discussion. Not only does this approach allow us to make remarkable progress but it also helps us gain the courage and zest to evaluate our own work. It was remarkable to see how quickly we passed the pleasantries period and went straight for SEEING THE IMAGE, CRAFTING THE IMAGE and EXECUTING THE IMAGE.

The most satisfying moment for me was when my students applied the principles of the Simplicity-In-Seeing program and worked the scene intensely to produce one strong image, which was not only stunning but their own. For me as a teacher this is priceless.

Today I would like to share with you some images taken by my students. They captured them, post-processed them and sent me the final version. They are posted as such. It is not post-processing that is important to me but their way of seeing. Today I would like to share images taken by Peter Faris, Anna P., Robert Wayne, Robert Raisler and others. I will post more images when I receive them. 

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Peter Faris’ progress throughout the workshop was remarkable but it was his honesty and courage to search for his own path that captivated me the most (stay tuned for more). Peter just started his Instagram account. Make sure to follow him @cowtownpete 

…and the most recent image from Peter.


Bob Wayne was not afraid to take risks and explore many ways to see the image. His great sense of humour and his interaction with people was something to behold.

We all photographed this basketball hoop but it was Bob who captured a real stunner! While we looked at the hoop directly, Bob played with the elements reflected on the sidewalk.   

Who is it? 🙂


Robert Raisler captured this stunning image during our private workshop in the Palouse. Months after shooting with Robert and Elaine we stayed in touch and have become true friends. Sorry Robert and Elaine – I think a blog post about you both is inevitable 🙂



Anna P. has an amazing ability to see light as it appears in front of her. What a talent!


Gear notes: in the last two workshops, most of my students used the X100F/T cameras. It’s my favourite street/travel photography camera and the best tool to learn photography the right way.


For those of you interested in attending my Simplicity-In-Seeing workshops, the next one is in high-tech mecca San Francisco, November 3-5. Only 3 spots left. You can reserve your spot here.      



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4 thoughts on “The Streets of Vancouver as seen by workshop participants

    1. Peter,

      Thank you for your kind comment. It was such a pleasure to work with you. Even today I was browsing the imagery you crafted during our workshop and I am so impressed. Keep up your great work!



      P.S. Will try to visit you in Calgary this year 🙂

  1. Great content from your students!! I can see that you are a great teacher-all of your students created stunning imagery.

    After my vacations I will sign up for your simplicity in seeing program; since I live in Germany, that’s the only way to have you as my seeing teacher. I am locking forward for the new ways of seeing and exploring the streets!

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Kevin,

      I really appreciate your support. Please check your mailbox. Maybe we could get together in Europe.

      All the best,


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