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What a privilege! I had no doubt in my mind that this piece had to start with those words of appreciation. Indeed, choosing to take the workshop and entrusting anyone with your own seeing are important decisions. The fact that some of you decided to work so closely with me to learn, discover or improve the craft of seeing is very flattering.

Since I started working on the Simplicity-In-Seeing program I promised myself that if I ever offered workshops, my program would be 100% designed from scratch with one goal in mind: to empower you with tools and a philosophy which you could adopt and modify to your own way of seeing to design and craft stunning imagery. In order to achieve such results, total trust on both sides is required. This honesty and free flow of image-centred, honest discussion is the only way for any photographer to improve dramatically. There is no place for sugar-coated talk which often leads to a distorted sense of progress.

Fortunately, over the last few months I have had the privilege of working with remarkable, brave and creative students. To my surprise, my workshops have attracted not only novice photographers but very experienced ones. The latter were looking for new ways of seeing and designing imagery, which would go beyond what’s in plain sight.

If you thought the only objective of such workshops is to learn how to craft great imagery, you are mistaken. Sometimes students are looking for their true calling in photography. While working with my students I never assume that they are all heading in one direction. Considerations of character, interests and visual exploration may lead some students to other genres of photography. Since my classes are very small we are able to work together to find the right path (I will write more about this in the next post).  

We all worked hard learning in class settings but most importantly pushing the limits of seeing and creativity on the streets of Vancouver. I drew the most satisfaction from the fact that my students took the Simplicity-In-Seeing ideas and principles and combined them with their own way of seeing to create images. Their interpretation of many scenes was so inventive and bold that the word WOW was used more often than any of us anticipated (those who know me are well aware that I am not a person who compliments poorly crafted imagery). Don’t take my word for it. Some of my students promised to provide me with the imagery shot during the last few months and I will be proud to share the photos with you in an upcoming post.

Some of you have asked me about our future workshops. Soon we will be announcing our 2017-2018 workshop schedule. One of the first events will be the Streets of San Francisco Workshop – watch for our announcement and make sure to reserve your spot early.

Finally, thanks to all who subscribed recently to our Simplicity-In-Seeing educational platform. Lots of new content is in the works!  

It is time to share with you the imagery shot during our last Streets of Vancouver Photography Workshop – all taken with the X100F. Much more to come!

The objective of the Streets of Vancouver Workshop was to explore visuals beyond what’s in plain sight. We wanted to capture the Vancouver theme but in a way it hasn’t been done before. Here are some examples.


“Crafting the Image” was one of the key concepts we practised based on the Simplicity-In-Seeing program studied during our classroom session. Arranging elements within the frame was an important part of this exercise.


Of course, we captured some portraits but we tried to be as creative as we could.


Capturing these fleeing moments on the streets of Vancouver required intense concentration and observation – it allowed us to capture this very peculiar image.


We often started our process of creation with just the light.


“Seeing the Image” was another concept we studied and practised extensively.


Of course, we also fooled around taking portraits of ourselves.

Soon I will publish imagery shot exclusively by workshop participants. Stay tuned. Warning: the imagery shot by my students may cause you to change your travel plans in the fall. Let’s leave it at that.  🙂  



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