A visitor, a critique session and life’s compartments

Last weekend we had a very special visitor. Spencer Wynn, a Canadian documentary photographer, came to Vancouver as one of the stops on his coast-to-coast journey celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. He is travelling across this great country with the GFX capturing the beauty of the land and portraits of its people. Make sure to follow his journey here.

Spencer Wynn. The image was taken with the GFX.

Here in Vancouver, Spencer spent a few hours on a photo walk with the local photographic community. Some of the images presented below were shot during the walk.

Clive, my friend, is shooting with his X-Pro2. Taken with the GFX.

Ian MacDonald is walking along a light path. 

Gord Webster – Fujifilm Canada – is working on his image.

On a different note, I was asked by a local photo community, the APAC, to adjudicate for this organization. Their request turned out to be quite timely due to our recent conversations about a healthy and honest image critique –or rather lack of such – on social media. I was well aware of the impact such a critique could have on a photographer and did my best to provide constructive but honest feedback. I was really impressed by the fact that so many photographers were brave enough to submit their imagery for the session. It was a pleasure to see photographers going beyond their normal seeing and producing such extraordinary work.  

I believe that the role of local photographic organizations where you meet in person and discuss photography is even more important today. There’s no question that the new generation of photographers tends to reduce their photographic discussions to online chatrooms but also gathers most of their knowledge from the Internet.

As a result, many shy away from photographic societies or clubs. They lose a lot of information, feedback and person-to-person exchange on photographic ideas.

If you are a local photographer, please consider joining these organizations:




It is time to get to the imagery. I would like to share with you an image titled “Life’s Compartments” taken during the Vancouver Photo Walk. Let me share with you a poem by RoseAnn V. Shawiak along with it.

“Enthralled with dimensions, travelling in many directions,

throwing caution to the wind, running headlong into the

storm called reality.

Watching life separate enjoying its compartments on

separate journeys throughout mind-filling visions of


Here are a few more images recently shot on the streets of Vancouver with the X100F, Classic Chrome or ACROS.


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4 thoughts on “A visitor, a critique session and life’s compartments

  1. Olaf, a simple “like.”

    I like that you met with Spencer and the larger Fuji shooters on Sunday (I would have liked to have been there too). I like that you are so involved. In this case, with the APAC. It does take time and requires more than just a “like.” Involvement like this builds community. Good for you. Finally, I really like your images. Of all of the work I see coming across my screens, yours is some of the boldest and most graphic (both positives) around.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Don,

      Indeed, I had a great time meeting Spencer and other Fuji shooters.

      There is no way around it – you made my day! Reading such kind words, especially coming from you, is the much-needed gust of wind needed to propel my “seeing” sailboat (hopefully, it won’t crash on rocks! 🙂

      I am very grateful for your note.

      All the best my friend,


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