The R-A-I-N project update

We’ve been working on our R-A-I-N project for more than a year. There is no question that it has been one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever worked on – for several reasons. Luckily, there’s no shortage of rain in Vancouver!

First, spending hours outside in the pouring rain when it’s cold and windy is not the savviest choice for any reasonable human being. Fortunately, I am far from being reasonable. Not only did I often get soaked but my camera gear received a beating too. I must admit that so far, my X-Pro2, XF 50-140mm or XF 23mm F2 are taking the punishment without causing any scenes. I guess weather-sealing works!

Second, rainy days aren’t known for their abundant light. It may surprise you but there is an advantage to working in such dim conditions. Your visual senses are sharpened and you have to find subtle sources of light which are not obvious at first. However, once you find a light source, the effects can be stunning.

Third, the success ratio is extremely low. It takes a lot of time, physical effort and visual exploration to capture an image worthy of your attention. I sometimes spend two or three hours in the pouring rain and come back with nothing or a card full of visual scrap (which usually goes straight to the junkyard – I don’t keep images for later). At times, it’s discouraging and hard on your psyche.

Nevertheless, R-A-I-N and its ability to produce unusual lighting scenarios can provide stunning visuals. They are subtler and less in-your-face but once you uncover them, the results surprise. I never thought that soggy, wet, dark RAINY days could hide so many striking visuals. The R-A-I-N project continues…

Here are our latest images, shot mostly with the X-Pro2 and XF 50-140mm F2.8 WR lens. Fujifilm Classic Chrome, Velvia and ACROS film simulations.

Next time we may go BIG on some ideas or just HEAD off to get some TACOs. Get it? If not, watch this space for a special write-up. Hey, you may even like it!        


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9 thoughts on “The R-A-I-N project update

  1. I really like the next-to-last one of the smiling girl. She makes me think that a smile shared with her would make a rainy day into a great day. What a wonderful portrait!

  2. Well done. Rain gives a kind of a shine to things. Very interesting project. I might get this going myself, as a challenge.
    I particularly like the first one; the umbrella reflection and that big yellow counterpoint make a great composition. Also love the deep blacks of the girl with an umbrella… and the reflexive attitude, just great!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Amazing photos Olaf! I love the small objects that come to life with rain…like those blades of grass. Stunning!

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