The Palouse Photography Workshop – “Seeing” in a Visual Paradise

If there is one place in North America which every photographer should visit, regardless of the genre practiced, it’s the Palouse. In late May, early June, the hills and valleys in the Palouse put on an amazing display of greens and browns, sufficient to excite even the most demanding colour photographers. However, once you add the right lighting to the mix, you think you have landed on the set of the Alice in Wonderland movie.

This unique place with its extraordinary palette of colours, lines and forms provides a perfect dreamlike playground for creative, hands-on shooting and studying the craft of photography. Well-known parks such as Yosemite or Grand Teton National Park have their own mega-popular spots but the Palouse offers you the unknown. Every dirt road hides a visual gem. Fortunately, Kasia and I have travelled, mapped and photographed the Palouse extensively and we will guide you to our favourite, lesser-known locations which you won’t find in guidebooks.

No, you won’t be standing for hours at Steptoe Butte (the most popular location) with your camera on a tripod. You will be challenged to see creatively, simplify your frame and use your camera as a tool to create only the strongest imagery. You will be mentored to feel and see YOUR WAY.

We kept the numbers small because the purpose of the workshop is to photograph, learn, challenge each other’s “seeing” and most importantly have a great time in a small group.

Two spots have recently opened up.

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2 thoughts on “The Palouse Photography Workshop – “Seeing” in a Visual Paradise

  1. They look nice. Look heavily processed. If you really want to photograph Wheat – you go to North Dakota.

    1. Brigham,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I am usually quite shy on colour (most of the time I use Fujifilm Classic Chrome), however this time I decided to work with Fujifilm Velvia to underline the beauty of the region.

      North Dakota is a beautiful place with its own unique visuals but it is NOT Palouse.

      Thank you for visiting.


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