Seeing in Square with the X100F















All imagery shot with a preproduction Fujifilm X100F, all JPEGs, Classic Chrome and Acros film simulations, with minor adjustments in LR.


For those of you who enjoy street photography and would like to learn more, please join me in the “Streets of Vancouver Photography Workshop,” which will take place on July 28-31 in Vancouver, British Columbia. There are only a few spots left so please make sure to book early.



2017 © Olafphoto. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Seeing in Square with the X100F

  1. Awesome images with the X100F!!! So sharp with detail and definition, and so organic!! I’m not sure it’s the new sensor – processor combined, the Vancouver light, or all in conjunction! I’m definitely gonna make more use of Jpg again in my XT10!!

  2. Hi, Ola, I come from China and am using X camera. Your photos are wonderful, especially your videos. It is very helpful to coach me to improve my view.

      • 🙂 Yesterday, I got my X100F. Wow, it’s heavier than X100T. From now, I can pick up the little camera with me day and night. Though I took photoes for about 3 years, my pictures is nomal. :< During the 2 months, I am looking for all kinds of photos of famous photographers to get points, such as your photos and videos. And I have followed your blog via my mail address: I wonder that could you please coach my photo skill, view.


  3. Olaf, I discovered your blog recently but I’ve been finding it so inspiring. Congratulations on your creativity, on how you view things, on your work!

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