Coming Soon! Santa is Coming to Town

“Hello people, what’s going on?” we hear you ask. We haven’t hit the road for quite some time and some of you started wondering if we have totally abandoned our ON THE ROAD persona. The short answer is NO!

Here is our long answer.

For the last few months we have been working on a new project/idea that we think you will like a lot. While our launching date is well past due, we are finally getting there. The new platform has required a lot of work and constant communication with our remarkable technical team.  

We are also musing on a truckload of ideas and attempting to write some of them down. This requires the right frame of mind, or in other words a break in our chaotic, incoherent line of thought. Of course we help ourselves with an occasional glass of wine (Kasia) or a well-shaken glass of diluted vodka (Olaf – no James Bond pun intended!). Please note that the latter prohibits me driving my Aston Martin!

We’ve also been busy planning our 2017 road routes. There are some remarkable locations – some of them north, some of them far south. We will hit the Palouse region in spring, this time with some of you, as we are about to announce our first unruly, let our-seeing-demons-on-the-loose workshop (I really don’t like using the word workshop! I always see a group of people standing in a perfect line with their tripods wide open shooting the same thing for an hour or more).

To clip all of the above together, there was so much going on we couldn’t hit the road.

It is not that we allowed our “seeing” to gather dust. Quite the opposite! We took advantage of any opportunity to sneak out and indulge ourselves in seeing closer to home. We worked on our R-A-I-N project (see our previous post), hit the streets of Vancouver, rain or shine or snow, and got some visuals we would like to share with you today.

So please remember, Coming Soon, or in other words, Santa is coming to town!           

Fujifilm Classic Chrome and ACROS film simulations. All shot with the X-Pro2 and the amazing XF 23mm F2.









and some B&W…









2016 © Kasia & Olaf Sztaba Photography. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon! Santa is Coming to Town

  1. So planning trips, workshops that seem very interesting, you are hosting other things – but I seem to be missing all these opportunities as well as would like to extend you an invitation. So how does one contact you outside of these open comments.

    Your blog spends more time on my screen educating me, entertaining me and as a place to expand my Fuji knowledge and grow as a photographer, yet I feel this is all a bit one-way. So if I’m not missing something the at least me register that I think it’s a bit one-way, but thank you anyway.

    1. Roger,

      We are really flattered to have you as our reader. This month, hopefully, we will be launching a new platform, which should allow us to communicate more freely. We hear your concern!


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