“Strong & Free” with the XF 50-140mm F2.8 OIS

When I leave home for an event or for street shooting I often take my Fuji X-Pro2 and one lens. It’s usually the XF 35mm F1.4 (50mm in FF). However, this time I decided to grab a lens that goes into my bag only when we hit the road – that is, the XF 50-140m F2.8 OIS.

It is the “beast” lens – the one with which I have a tumultuous relationship. It is heavy and big in comparison to my other lenses – all primes. It doesn’t balance well on the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and my hands ache after extensive use. Don’t get me wrong – it is still much lighter than its Canikon siblings. (After shooting exclusively with the Fujifilm X-series for the last few years, everything else feels heavy and burdensome).

Once you swallow the weight pill, however, this lens really delivers. The XF 50-140mm is tack sharp. As one reviewer put it: “It forgot it’s not the prime.” Indeed, once you look at the imagery on your computer you are immediately confused. Your subjects are so sharp and clear that you start checking which lens you shot with. Yes, it is a zoom!

Then comes the OIS – or the Optical Image Stabilization system (Fujifilm says that the linear motor technology checks camera shake 8000 times per second!). You can handhold this thing at 140mm at 1/30 and still get sharp imagery. While shooting events I tend to be so involved with my subject, the light and the composition that I get carried away searching for a new visual perspective and move my camera around a lot. But when shooting with this lens I always get tack-sharp imagery. In fact, you can be drunk and still get sharp images, so they tell me!

Last weekend I took this as my only lens to the 3rd Annual “Strong & Free” Show & Shine event in Vancouver. It’s a busy event and visuals bombard you. I wanted to be selective and make sure that only essentials remain in my frame. I also wanted to observe my subjects from a distance so they continued their activity without posing. The XF 50-140mm helped me to do just that. The XF 50-140mm F2.8 will not be in your bag every day but once you reach for this lens for a particular job – it will deliver, big time!

Here are the images, all shot with the X-Pro2 and the XF 50-140mm F2.8 OIS.


















and some in colour…







2016 © Kasia & Olaf Sztaba Photography. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on ““Strong & Free” with the XF 50-140mm F2.8 OIS

  1. Weird as it seems I prefer to walk around with he 50-140 over my recently purchased 16-55 f2.8. The larger lens seems better balanced in my hand using an x-pro2 with Fuji grip accessory.

    That said great pictures!

    1. I haven’t had a chance to work long enough with the XF 16-55 F2.8 to share my opinion. Thank you for your take on the subject.

      It is always great to hear from our readers.

  2. These are excellent images Olaf. I have to agree about the quality of some Fuji zooms – I’ve found myself keeping the 10-24 on my Xpro-1 as a ‘walk around’ lens instead of the 35mm 1.4 and the image quality never fails to amaze me!

  3. Hello Olaf,

    Very recently I bought a 50-140​ ​mm.
    When I carry it separated from the body there is an internal movement, something like a ‘rattle’.
    The suspect noise remains even the lens is attached to the body, and disapears when I turn ON the camera.

    Is this normal? The internal movements of some parts of the 50-140​ ​mm will not reduce the longevity of the lens or cause a future malfunction?

    ​Many thanks in advance for your attention,


    1. Nuno,

      While I cannot speak directly about your particular lens, I noticed that some XF lenses have such a strange noise. As fas as I know it is normal. However, to make sure I would show your particular copy to one of Fujiflm representatives in your area.

      All the best.

    2. This is the IOS mechanism/linear motor (for AF) moving around. As soon as you switch it on and there is ‘power’, these mechanism will ‘lock’ the moving elements and the noise is gone. So it’s 100% percent normal; no worries.

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