Going Into The Curve


It has been a very busy few weeks. Kasia and I have been working on a new photography platform – an idea that was formulated in our heads a long time ago but never got onto the drawing board. This year, that all changed.

We have both enjoyed running this blog and we cherish and value your readership and continuous patronage. However, we are aware that this form of presentation and interaction has its limits. And these are not the only obvious limitations in regard to content production, the publishing schedule or even interaction with our readers. Most importantly, there are restraints in relation to the lack of time and funding to provide new and original content.

From the start we decided that we want to share premier content without burdening you with ads and unnecessary visuals. To achieve just that, we made this blog 100% ad free. Our goal was to put imagery and the written word at the centre of our blog.

Last year, we came to the conclusion that an additional platform was needed. Many of you indicated this and encouraged us to go beyond the blog in the form of workshops or some other ideas. We listened.

Today, we are nearing the completion of a brand new, subscription-based travel, educational and mentoring platform. This special photography resource is based on a one-of-a-kind program that we have designed from the ground up. But it will be much more than that.

While most photography offerings are centred on technical know-how, Simplicity-In-Seeing provides a personal approach to photography, creativity, mastering composition skills, exploring natural light and interacting with the subject. The platform will also offer exclusive guides to the most magnificent photography locations in North America.

Most importantly, the goal of Simplicity-In-Seeing is to help photographers from all walks of life to experience the real joy of photography. Did we mention creating exceptional imagery?!

As we near completion, we feel excited and we cannot wait to share this new platform with you. Stay tuned for an official announcement early July.

In the meantime, please find more imagery (below) taken on our recent trip to Palouse (the Fuji X-Pro2 paired with the XF 50-140mm and Fuji X100S).










next time…Palouse in…B&W!



2016 © Kasia & Olaf Sztaba Photography. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Going Into The Curve

  1. Your photos always take me more time to take in than the rest of the crowd’s. Their simplicity makes me want to think about why I feel drawn to them. Thanks for making me feel like that. And I am (very) curious about what you will both do in the new platform. I imagine it is amazing to have the passion for photography as a couple. I hope we, your viewers, inspire you to feel inspired.

    1. Lseco,

      You made our day! We really appreciate your deep and kind note. When we photograph our objective is always to create an image that would “slow” the viewer. It is great to hear we achieved that with this series. Yes, you are right – you inspire us to see and create – Thank you for that.

      1. You’re very welcome. I find that all of your posts are informative, entertaining and full of awesome photos! I truly enjoy coming back to read it.

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