Smile! You are WITH a camera.

Over the course of the last few years we have enjoyed sharing our work here, having great discussions and meeting our readers during our trips. The majority of the feedback we received has been constructive and well articulated – whether positive or negative. 

But there is a fly in the soup. On occasions when our writing takes a wrong turn and we publish something on a lighter note, wanting to entertain and loosen up, some responses we receive lead us to think that photography has become dead serious!

How serious exactly? Try to poke fun at any camera and you don’t have to wait long. The feedback will be flying your way. We got it all – from Fuji cheerleaders to Fuji haters. From paid secret operatives of the Fuji X-series to paid secret agents of the Dark Force who want to blow up the whole X-series enterprise. Vocabulary and arguments are rich and extensively well thought out: “Moron, idiot…” choose any word to complete the sentence.

Let’s clear the air then.

Yes, we enjoy shooting with the X-series cameras and lenses, currently the Fuji X-Pro2 and the X100S. These cameras are in tune with the way we see and shoot. They are light, friendly and fun to work with. The image quality is well beyond what is required for our line of work. And don’t forget about the XF lenses.

Unfortunately, nobody pays us a dime for our writing or for the fact that we shoot with the X-series cameras. Sadly, nobody has given us any equipment or even offered us any (apparently we are doing something wrong here).    

Finally, and most importantly, yes we like to smile. If approached with passion and dedication, photography is a very demanding and labour-intensive endeavour. There are many obstacles and challenges, especially for those who support themselves with this craft. For this reason (and many others) these special but rare moments when you loosen up, relax and poke fun at yourself or your photographic friend are so necessary. Come on, we don’t have to be that serious.

Smile! You are WITH a camera!

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14 thoughts on “Smile! You are WITH a camera.

  1. Good Morning Olaf, This may not be the proper way to contact you, but I will give it a try. I have just purchased a Fujufilm x70 to compliment an xT10 and love them both. This new camera will be used extensively outdoors for all sorts of activities such as hiking and travel. This summer it will especially be used on two boat trips, one with my husband and myself, off the coast of BC and another extensive trip with a friend down the Yukon River. I am wondering if you use any kind of filter of your x100 series cameras or just the hood and what you might suggest.

    The attachment is a photo taken with the x70 on a bike ride a couple of days ago just outside of town. We live in Joseph, Oregon. It’s a beautiful hidden gem about three hours drive south of the Palouse.

    Your website with information, adventures and photos by both you and Kasia have been a great inspiration and good source of learning. Thank you.

    René Fleming

    1. Rene,

      Thank you for your kind e-mail. Kasia and I visited Oregon many times but we admit – we have never visited Joseph. But who knows?!
      Regarding your question: I would recommend getting the Fujifilm 49mm protective filter. We use it along with the hood (leave the protective cap at home). This way our camera is always ready for shooting and we don’t have to worry about the cap.

      All the best,


  2. I use a Sony point and shot, I don’t come for the brand of the camera, but for your way to write and the moments in your photograph. Keep the fun going (y)

  3. Dear Kasia and Olaf – always enjoy your beautiful thoughtful images that you share with us and your articles too – I think unfortunately the world has become a harsher place and people are more critical because there are all these social network possibilities open to them to vent their particular form of nastiness (often just unhappy people trying to upset others). I hope you both will continue making your glorious images and sharing them with us and writing inter sting articles and HAVING FUN with what you do and enjoying all of what you do with generosity of spirit, I’m just in my sixties but I think we need a resurgence of manners and respect in our lives – now that would make everyone feel better! Thank you for all your work – best wishes, Sue from Australia

    1. Sue,

      Kasia and I appreciate your wise words. It is so great to have someone from a beautiful Australia to visit our blog. Hopefully, one day we will have an opportunity to visit and photograph your remarkable country.


      Olaf & Kasia

  4. Dear Kasia and Olaf,

    As I near my 80th birthday, having been active in photography for over 50 years, I have come to one simple conclusion: it doesn’t matter what you do or say, someone will object to it. Aesop wrote a short fable about an old man and his grandson taking a donkey to market. Find a copy and read it. Excellent! You will see that people haven’t changed in all the time since that was written. Keep doing what you do. Some of us are fans who appreciate your efforts and enjoy your articles a great deal. As for the rest of them, tell them what David Crockett said after he failed to get reelected – “You may all go to hell and I am going to Texas!” Or as Admiral Dewey said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

  5. Wow! Unbelievable, it’s your blog, a bit of fun on April Fools Day and surely obvious to anyone.

  6. Love your work and your posts. Keep it up!! There will always be unhappy people in the world who want to make you as unhappy as they are. Even with finely tuned responses and logic, some will still find flaw. I believe they are called “trolls”. I enjoy what you guys do and will continue to to look forward to your posts and amazing images.


  7. Interestingly, I have always heard professional photographers I know complaining about having to buy expensive equipment to do their job and paying taxes, etc. Well, I (we) bought some gear only to have fun. Nobody pays me a dime. Gear doesn’t pay itself. I smile. 🙂 🙂

    1. Lseco,

      Thanks for stopping by and sending some smiles our way. You are right – we photographers (including me) should complain less and smile more.

      All the best,


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