Enough of This Mirrorless Nonsense

April 1, 2016.

Enough of this mirrorless bullshit. Mirrorless – what a stupid name! It is like calling an electric car engineless.

I probably got into this Fuji X-whatever frenzy after a serious night of drinking and mixing up X with XXX. Anyway after maxing out all my credit cards I had no choice but to stick with this Fuji nonsense. What an embarrassment it has been!

I remember showing up late at the Grand Canyon photographers’ grandstand trying to squeeze between two idiots with four bags of gear. Me with my little Fuji between the whole gang of Canikons placed on huge tripods as if the whole world would suddenly become unstable.

Did I say it was cold? Very cold! What on earth I was doing there? While everybody was waiting for another disappointing sunrise I tried to take a nap but I couldn’t! No, it wasn’t even Trump talking. It was much worse than that. It was this beyond irritating shutter sound of Sony’s A7R. Seriously!? Who came up with such a noise – and the name? Even if I tried to annoy people on purpose I would have a hard time coming up with such a cacophony.

Once the Sony guy pulled himself together and stopped pressing the shutter button uncontrollably, then the rest of them started to get bored and found a new way to entertain themselves. They just stared at my camera! Dudes – are you serious? They didn’t have to say it aloud. I knew it was about me. Why didn’t the Fuji geniuses design a bigger camera? It should be HUGE – yes Trump huge. Then, these Canikons morons would leave me alone.  

In fact, this camera is so badly designed that even my wife likes it. My wife – hello! Who on earth designs cameras that even your spouse likes? You spend thousands of dollars you don’t have and then you have to fight with your better or worse half to take one shot. I’ve had enough of this.

Time to move on! Leica – God no! I have enough problems with these German-engineered Das Auto polar-bear-killing machines. I always wondered why my dog gets non compos mentis and disoriented while standing near my car’s exhaust.

Going back to Canikon? No way! Do I look like a 75-year old, fully bearded, photo-vest wearing, bird-loving photo dude? It would be like saying that you miss the time before the Internet was invented.

Then I thought about Sony. Only for a second – I already have a cellphone – I don’t need another stupid noisy toy in my collection. What’s left? So maybe Olympus? Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds?! What a stroke of genius to come up with such a bimbo name! Four Thirds – I was never good in math – pass!

What else is there? Panasonic? Sigma? Pentax? Or in short PSP? I’ve already tried playing nice with Mario on PSP while my son killed another zombie with this cool weaponry on his PS3. Thank you – NO.

But wait?! There is not much left. I guess I am going to be stuck with this engineless X stuff. After all, my wife said that my ‘software’ is well outdated and I would greatly benefit from the Kaizen philosophy.

Until the next update.



2016 © Kasia & Olaf Sztaba Photography. All rights reserved.


20 thoughts on “Enough of This Mirrorless Nonsense

  1. Dear Olaf, whenever you come to Portugal to visit the “light city” (Lisbon) please bring me some of that X that helps you write this “articles” 🙂

  2. Ha! When your wife refers to your “hardware” as “software that needs UP-dating” you’ve got more serious problems than which camera to shoot!

  3. In the interest of avoiding wasted time, here’s a convenient summary of the above post: Camera me like = good. Camera me no like = bad. Photographer who use camera me no like = stupid. Me = smart.

    1. Jl Williams,

      In the interest of avoiding wasted time, here is the short reply: April 1 – Fools Day = humour. Photographer who takes everything seriously – not good. Photographer who knows how to laugh at herself/himself – good!

      Thanks for visiting.


  4. Fuji made excellent cameras with mirrors not that long time ago. The mirrors are almost 4×4″ and have a very shiny and clear surface. It makes a birdlike wing-flapping sound followed by a knock and the the almost silent leaf shutter wispers that the picture is done. Unless ofcourse you missexposed and it goes beep and flashes a lamp to tell you if you were over or under. You should try it, it keeps the nikanons away and you can shoot either digital or on film with the same camera.

    Oh yes, there is a neckstrap for it too.

  5. 🙂 Love it. I have found that I don’t even have to utter the phrase mirrorless anymore. Just say the word Fuji and eyes light up with curiosity.

  6. SLR, and then there was DSLR. I would suggest replacing “mirrorless” with X-cameras! Passionate article that I really enjoyed and I’m glad you are advancing the revolution for X-cameras.

  7. Preach it brother Olaf! Who wants to only drag 3 pounds through the airport when they can drag 30???
    These “mirrorless” cameras would turn us all into wimps if we let them!

  8. Ha! Nice post.

    I can’t help but call my Fuji cameras “mirrorless” because it stuck a few years ago. It’s just a harmless label, I’m ok with it 🙂

  9. My Olympus ep-5 is as good as any aforementioned manufacturer you mentioned. My Olympus is not a “bimbo” but a constant companion who simply works and never bitches or complains.

    good article Olaf

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