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  1. I love these images. My favorites are the first and second on he page. I am really liking Classic Chrome as well. I have an X-Pro2 on pre-order. I don’t use LR much and won’t update it to get RAW support for the XP2 so I’m glad to see these Jpegs. My hope is to use the Jpeg most of the time, if possible, when I shoot.

    1. Jorge,

      I’m glad you like it. From time to time we will be diverging from our usual interests but please keep in mind that it only helps our seeing. Thank you for your continuous interest. We always appreciate your feedback.



  2. Love the clarity and detail in these Kasia & Olaf. I am curious about the amount of detail that has been captured in the shadow areas, especially images 7 & 9. Not sure why, but I have a feeling there is quite a bit there….

    Thanks so very much for sharing your beautiful images with us…..Dick

    1. Indeed, the X-Pro2 sensor’s higher resolution makes a difference. We noticed that some images convey a 3D look – it’s hard to explain unless you see it on a big screen. Given that we print a lot, this is a welcome development.

      Thank you for visiting and for your kind comment.


    1. Andrew,

      Superior? It depends what is important for you. If you care about resolution and you print large, then yes, a new sensor makes a difference. The drawback is that the files are much larger.

      For us, two things stand out in comparison with the X-T1. First, the joystick to control focus points is a revelation – we use it all the time now. Second, as professionals, we felt uncomfortable working with a camera with only one card slot. Third, we prefer a rangefinder style to the more SLR-style of the X-T1. However, for others the opposite could be true.

      What we really miss now is the X-T1’s huge viewfinder. The X-Pro2 viewfinder is much smaller.

      I guess it’s all about your priorities.

      Thank you for visiting.


      1. Thanks Olaf. I am not really worried about resolution. I look at some of the work by photographers I admire (currently hooked on Fan Ho) and resolution is low on the list of things I notice. I may feel differently if I am looking at an Ansel Adams print. The second card slot is valuable – true. I shoot a lot with Leica, M3, M9 and M so I also understand the rangefinder style preference. I grew up on them. I also like my Leica viewfinders, being able to see around the frame. I have an X-T1 and like it very much so I am not sure whether I will try the X-Pro2. I am sure an X-T2 will come along eventually and I may get the best of both worlds. Thank you again.

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