A new life with the X-series

When chatting with photographers I notice that many of them shy away from unfamiliar genres of photography. Some are even dismissive as is often the case when mentioning wedding photography. Too bad, because challenging yourself with a different type of photography not only brings you a wider perspective but dramatically improves your seeing. And if you think that wedding photography is not “artsy” enough or too easy, try to to do it yourself and you will gain a new perspective on the subject. 

Kasia and I noticed that each time we take on something we don’t often do, our photography benefits tremendously from the experience. This time was no different. We recently had the privilege of photographing a new baby and her joyful parents.

We always approach such assignments keeping simplicity in mind. Therefore we reached for the XT-1 fitted with the XF 56mm F1.2 and the X100S. We mostly used natural window lighting along with our favourite, highly portable Ice Light.

Here are the results.












…and some in colour






P.S. This week we are heading to some stunning locations and we will be shooting with the X-Pro2. Stay tuned for a slightly different review.

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