Once again the time of judgment, summary and new resolutions is here. My first response is normal and perfectly logical: the New Year equals new resolutions. Fortunately, I had the strength to push back and I smiled, strangely enough.  

Photography is an odd calling. On the surface it is fun, engaging, compliant. There are huge possibilities. What could possibly go wrong? The response is soothing: great, beautiful, stunning, keep doing it. After all, this is no place for NOs, upset or tumult.

It is easy to pat yourself on the back in this serene atmosphere. You worked hard, produced great visuals, got many “beautifuls” and you reached a place that is comfortable and cosy, so why disrupt this calm?

Well, somehow it feels cramped here; it’s static, colourless and sterile. Something inside pushes you to stretch yourself and you move toward the edge of the cliff. Whatever it is, it wants you to rip open the box, unleash the demons and create chaos. It wants you to go back to the beginning and rehearse your trials and errors. Strangely enough, you want to comply. You want to destroy your present complacency of seeing. But why? What for? There is no answer, not just yet.

There are no resolutions or plans – just chaos to start the year. It’s so comforting, so desirable and so necessary.


2016 © Kasia & Olaf Sztaba Photography. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Un-resolution

  1. You are absolutely right; we can never be comfortable and complacent. The tension in you helps you to produce the stunning work that you do. Keep up your internal discomfort!

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