6 thoughts on “Colorado’s Explosion of Colours (Part II)

  1. I have been following you now for about a year and just want to say thank you very much for all the beautiful pictures and also the text, for me living in Denmark I almost feel I also take the trip to many places I have been to. Lived in Edmonton, Vancouver, San Diego for 13 years and traveld a lot . Thank you you two/Christina Sloth

    Den 27-10-2015 kl. 03:56 skrev WordPress.com: > WordPress.com > Olafphoto posted: ” The X-T1 paired with the XF 14mm F2.8 or XF > 50-140mm F2.8 lenses and our beloved Fuji X100S. The images are a mix > of JPEGs straight from the camera and processed in LR6 (some minor > contrast/highlights/white balance ” >

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