Photo Summer Bits

We have had a lot on our plate in the last few weeks. We worked on a few commercial assignments, which provided us with a little break from our usual travel/landscape/documentary regimen.

Now our summer and autumn travel calendar is filling up quickly. Next week, we are heading to Olympic National Park. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and provide us with some stormy/cloudy skies. Then, in the following weeks, we plan to photograph the Columbia River Gorge, the Vancouver Island, take a trip to Cuba and in the autumn head to Montana. In between we are aiming at other amazing places but the timing and details are still in the works.

Heading into late 2015 we look forward to a brand new Fuji X-Pro2, which we hope to take with us to Death Valley. Of course, the release date for this highly anticipated camera is still a matter of speculation but let’s hope for the best.

That’s it regarding our plans. As some of you know from time to time Kasia and I take on portrait photography or commercial assignments. Here are a few images from our most recent photo shoot with Dorota and Jedrek. All images are taken with the Fuji X100S (first image) and Fuji X-T1 coupled with the XF 56mm F1.2. Most of them are JPEGs; some are processed in LR5.










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2 thoughts on “Photo Summer Bits

  1. Your pictures and thoughts are always such an inspiration. Often you do stunning black and white work, but this series of color work is really lovely.

  2. Enjoy the Olympic Peninsula. It’s hard to go wrong whatever choices you make. I will pass along a couple tips. Feel free to ignore them.

    If the rainforest is in your plans, the 3 big rainforests from North to South along 101: Hoh, Quinault, Queets. They are most heavily used in that order. My strong preference is Quinault if I’m mostly driving and Queets if I’m hiking. Many years ago the Hoh was a 19 mile drive along dirt (mud) roads and wilderness the whole way. Now the road is paved and heavily used by large pickups towing large boats at high speeds. The Quinault is a drivable loop with hikes along the way. After the lake it’s lightly used. Queets is your wilderness experience. There’s a 10 mile trail (or so) that is mostly flat. Bring Deet.

    Cape Flattery. Through the Makah Indian Reservation to the furthest NW corner of the continental US. Where the road ends is a short trail to the Cape. A few years ago the Tribe used a grant to build a trail along what had been virtually impassable ground. Some boardwalk and some posts driven into the ground that serve as stepping stones it’s probably a mile round trip.

    (I wouldn’t count on clouds but you never know)

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