The Kaizen Contention – Final Thought

While it remains to be seen whether the storm about Fuji’s Kaizen philosophy was warranted or not, there is one important takeout from this heated debate.

In fact, it was Charles, one our readers, who made this point first: “If nothing else it does show that people are watching and do care.” Indeed, one of the most remarkable outcomes of the Fuji philosophy of continuous dialogue with photographers was the creation of a very passionate community. During our travels, Kasia and I meet many Fuji shooters who are deeply involved in the Fuji community, who care about the future of the X-series and do not shy away from stating their opinions. Ultimately, we believe it is a remarkable achievement and a huge asset for Fuji. After all, those photographers and artists are ambassadors of the Fuji brand.

We would like to thank everyone for keeping this online discussion cordial and free of personal attacks. We as artists may and should differ, but we shall always strive for passionate but courteous debates.

On another note, Patrick of published a post about his charity work in Cambodia. Kasia and I are very impressed by his dedication and commitment and we urge all of you to support his noble cause. You can do so by buying the really awesome fair-trade X-shirts (you can buy them here). We did.

To stay on topic, we would like to share with you images Kasia shot during her charity trip to Senegal. All photos were taken with the Fuji X-E1 coupled with the XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 OIS lens.



Here is Kasia with a baby boy.





Three more images from this trip.




Next time we will take you to Nelson, Nevada.




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  1. I love your site guys and love your reviews on Fuji’s. In this article what film simulation did you shoot with? Specifically the Caucasian lady carrying the baby with the blue background. I just love the colors on that picture!

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