Connecting with a Landscape

There are more similarities between photographing landscapes and people than you think. When working with people, a photographer must achieve a certain level of connection and trust that allows them to relax and open up emotionally and visually.

On many levels, a similar dynamics plays out when photographing landscapes. You must “feel” the place, connect with it and give it time to reveal itself to you. So often I see photographers running around stunning landscapes fixated on a few photographed-to-death spots and rushing from one location to another. And I know what I am talking about – I have done it myself!

Slow down, look around and don’t fixate on the most popular spots. “Be there” before you take out your camera. Very often you will notice different elements and visuals, but be warned – you may come back from your trip with images you didn’t plan to take. It may well be the best imagery you have ever created.














2014 © Olaf Sztaba Photography. All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “Connecting with a Landscape

  1. I love the very first photograph in the article, really a great composition!
    Having multiple focus planes like this in a single frame creates a story, as it pushes the viewer to imagine the link between the different planes. Each part of the picture bring a piece of the story and it is a joy to put the pieces together!

  2. Be there- your most insightful reminder- if I rush to fly fish, to photograph, to live- I am not there. If I center, focus, and relax- oh my! Thanks for the reminder !

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