Best Wishes

What a great finale to a great 2013 for Fuji X-series users!

  • Fuji released firmware updates for Fuji X-Pro1, Fuji X-E1, Fuji X100s and all the lenses with a number of changes and improvements. For us, the key upgrade was for the Fuji X-Pro1, because it allows us to set the minimum shutter speed (we usually set it at 1/125 paired with the Auto ISO 6400). From the technical point of view all that is left is the aperture (we usually leave it on AUTO). With all the technicalities out of the way, we can concentrate on the important aspects of photography such as light, composition and creativity.
  • Iridient Developer, in our view the best processing software for the Fuji X-Trans files, is celebrating its ninth anniversary. Congratulations to Brian Griffith and his team for an outstanding product that’s so easy to use. Until December 27th you can get a 29% discount by using the “iridient9” code here. Highly recommended.
  • Fuji announced the new XF 10-24 F4 R OIS lens (full coverage here). Given the price (around $1000), it should be another great Fujinon glass. We are glad that Fuji is bringing high quality lenses to the system rather than releasing some cheap, poorly made glass that would lose most of its value as it left the store. We really enjoy shooting with the superb XF 14 mm F2.8 and cannot wait to try the new addition to the family.

Last but certainly not least, here are our best wishes.


The image above was taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 & XF 35 mm F1.4 R.


© Olaf & Kasia Sztaba Photography. All rights reserved. 

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  1. Hi
    We’ll Best Wishes to both of you, for this season and for 2014.

    Thanks for the inspiring photography, and for the truly useful blog posts. I look forward to each one.


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