Walking around Vancouver with the Fuji X100s

Thank you so much for your comments and kind words. We have been shooting Fuji X100s quite extensively in the last few weeks and here are some additional (full review here) thoughts about the camera and the files it produces:

  • The autofocus is indeed much, much faster.
  • The camera is dead quiet, unlike anything else on the market.
  • JPEGs straight from the camera continue to impress us. They are the best in the industry, period!
  • Velvia film simulation appears to be much improved (our initial impression was mixed). There are no more lost shadows, so we use it more often now.
  • The Fuji X100s RAW files do not respond well to the Adobe Camera RAW sharpening formula (they are falling apart and getting a strange look). Instead, we use NIK Sharpener Pro and the files look great; we have no such problems.
  • The Dynamic Range Auto (DRAUTO) function works great. If you are shooting JPEGs only, be sure to use it. Recently we covered a small family event and shot JPEGs exclusively with DR-Auto on. We could not believe the results – the system didn’t allow highlights to blow out. The camera did a very good job of handling mixed and challenging lighting.
  • The in-camera sharpening at default settings is a little weak in our view; we set it between +1, or sometimes +2. The pictures don’t look over-sharpened at all.
  • The prints from JPEGs are gorgeous (11×17) and from TIFFs they are even better (printed up to 20×30 – see here).
  • The fun factor, portability, is unlike anything on the market now. 

All right, enough of this technical jumbo-mumbo. It is time for some images. Today I went for a very early morning walk around Vancouver with the Fuji X100s and here are the results. 

Most images are JPEGs, straight from the camera (Velvia film simulation), with slight contrast adjustments in Lightroom 4. B&Ws are processed in Lightroom 4 and NIK Silver Pro. 















Yes, it is me 🙂


17 thoughts on “Walking around Vancouver with the Fuji X100s

  1. Great pictures. Just bought the X100S yesterday, going through the manual right now. Hope to shoot my first real pics somewhere in the next few days. I know I’ve bought a very special camera, that’s for sure! And Vancouver is a beautiful city to walk around and take pics. I was there last summer, want to come back, if only for the Thai restaurant on Robson Street,….. Edwin, Amsterdam

  2. Thanks very much for the informative text.
    Could you please elaborate a bit on the way you get your TIFF files, as I do not see any reference to it in the camera’s specifications?

    1. Antonio,

      You need to shoot RAW and then using any software (SilkyPix, Lightroom, Aperture, C1) you can create TIFF files.

      You cannot shoot TIFFs, too bad, because it would be a really great option.



  3. Great images and great thoughts. I’ve really enjoyed your posts. I’m glad I came across them on Fuji Rumours. I might have to sell some of my canon gear and get an X100S to go with the XPro!

    1. Bryson,

      Thank you for your kind words. As stated in my article, B&W images were processed in Lightroom 4 and NIK Silver Pro. If you do a lot of B&W photography, I highly recommend to get the NIK Silver Pro software. In my view this is the best B&W conversion tool on the market now.

      All the best,


    1. Tim,

      Thank you for your comments.

      I agree with your first point – Velvia provides bold colours. I understand that for some people it may be too much (personally I quite like it with the proviso that a subject is right).

      However, I cannot agree with your second point. I also live in Vancouver and when the conditions are friendly (very early morning or late evening) Vancouver becomes a truly colourful city. Especially some buildings, bridges and rusty parts turn strikingly orange/red. Such a light doesn’t last long but once you get it, the results could be really stunning (especially with the Velvia simulation).

      Thank you for visiting.

      All the best,


      1. Could not agree more, you can play with software all what you want (which is fun), but it is all about planning/patience/luck to catch the light just so, and you have just a sliver of time to get your shot and it is gone… But your pictures will just glow!!!

  4. Vancouver looks nice through your lens! Beautifull sharp and colorfull photo’s, a joy for the eye.

    When I was a teenager I helped my father who was a professional photographer, now more than 30 years later I bought thanks to you and your blog a Fuji X-E1. What a nice camera, I love it!

    Cheers from the Netherlands,

  5. Nice, succinct, and useful information in your post – as usual.

    Some very well taken photographs too. They really show the colour and detail the camera can deliver.

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