We would like to invite you to our Streets of San Francisco photography workshop. Even though we call it “Streets of San Francisco Photography Workshop” we neither like the word “street” nor “workshop.” There is no question that there is lots of street photography out there and some truly brilliant work. However, taking photos in the city is so much more than the word “street” implies. Although most street photography deals with documenting what’s in plain sight, we want to go beyond that. Our objective is to create imagery which not only challenges your senses but triggers an emotional and visual reaction – whatever it may be. Yes, you’re right! Sometimes such work is not easy to achieve. Sometimes it may even be confusing but one thing is for sure – it will give the viewer pause, trigger emotions and jolt your thought process. To achieve this, over the last few years we have worked to create a program to help you to do just that.

On these three days we will discover our inner seeing and challenge ourselves to be different but bold. Yes, there will discussions, presentations and technical tomfoolery. My objective in this 3-day workshop is not to show you how to take photos on the street but teach you methods, provide you with tools and empower you to capture visuals in your own special way. Ultimately your personality, your life experiences and your inner strengths will guide the seeing.   

There are limited spots available so that we can make sure of frequent interaction. Make sure to book early. What kind of imagery we will be looking for? Here are some samples:


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