Each time a new camera hits the market, a torrent of commentary, reviews and comparisons quickly follows. That’s fine – from time to time we all enjoy a dose of gear-related extravaganza. But then the 100% crowd comes out. Digital files are subjected to meticulous examination. Every inch, every corner of an image is put [...]

Printing – the final phase in the photographic process

For the last two weeks, Kasia and I have been battling one of the worst colds in years. While unpleasant, we found this homebound existence a good excuse to get on with organizing our photographic life. First, we could continue with our annual delete frenzy. Every year we go through our entire photo catalogue, revaluate [...]

JPEG?! Are you kidding me! Maybe. Definitely yes.

If there is one word that you don’t want to use while talking to a typical “pro,” it would be JPEG. However, if you were foolish enough to make such a grievous mistake you would notice typical symptoms: sudden mood change, eye rolling and dismissal, quickly followed by an extensive and in-depth lecture about the [...]