The Project “Right Here”

The Project “Right Here”

When shooting on the street most people aim for individual images. I do too, most of the time. However, photographers should find time to pursue their personal projects and create a series. The commitment to issues close to our heart along with long-term project management and concentration on one subject provide a break from the “one shoot – one reward” mentality. But it also forces us to produce content-rich photographic material. It is articulate seeing, indeed.

I’ve noticed that working on longer-term projects such as Augmented Eye or R-A-I-N is very different from shooting a single image. Such projects not only help my seeing become more consequential but also ingenious. I push my seeing to approach routine issues and visuals in new, eerie ways.

Kasia and I are currently working on two new mega projects; details will be announced soon. However, you don’t need to start with anything big and profound to enrich your photography. I’ve found that even small, private and fun visual projects benefit my seeing a lot. Here is an example.

After observing for a while how light interacts with my working space – my desk to be exact – I decided to photograph everything visible from my desk. This restriction is forcing me to play with the same elements (the biggest change is likely the coffee cups arriving and disappearing daily) when the only real change is the light.

Here are the first images from the fun project called “RIGHT HERE.” I would love to hear about your own mini-projects. Feel free to leave a link to your project in my comments section for others to see. 

Most images were shot with the X100F.




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